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11 Scrumptious Yu Sheng To Usher An Auspicious CNY 2018

Don’t we all love the excitement and fun as we toss our lo hei as high as possible? Usually served as an appetizer, Lo Hei is also known as Yu Sheng – a vibrant raw fish salad that can be seen in almost every Chinese household during the Lunar New Year. Since the festive season […]

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Where to Eat Singapore - Our Favourite Pick of Christmas Cakes 2017 - Featured

Where To Eat Singapore – Our Favourite Pick Of Christmas Cakes 2017

How are you looking to celebrate the jolly season? Perhaps with a succulent turkey or other roasted delights, but how about Christmas sweet treats? Originally made with chocolate and filled with raspberry jam, traditional Yule Logs (Bûche de Noël) are significant treats during Christmas and have since evolved along the years, holding a range of […]

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4 Great Places In Singapore For A Different Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air and definitely will be all over your social media feed this upcoming Valentine’s Day, and you know there’s no escaping from it. The time where everyone put their brains together and think of how to spend it, whether it’s with your long-time spouse or a new eye candy you’re thinking […]

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7 YuSheng In Singapore To Usher In Year 2017

Lohei: the best time to “accidentally” spill food on that nosy aunty, all in the name of festivity. Tossing Yusheng (raw fish salad) metaphorically welcomes a prosperous year and families in Singapore un-tiresomely do so year after year. Painstakingly sifting through restaurants’ refreshing, fancy, weird, opulent etc. creations, we’ve listed our 7 most-loved Yusheng for […]

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5 Ridiculously Good Chicken Wings From Local Eateries In Singapore For Christmas Potluck

If you’re always eyeing for the last piece of chicken wing, well, join the club. Not sure what makes chicken wings so sexy – the mind-blowing combo of smoky char and juiciness or the (literally) finger-licking fried, crisp goodness – but we’re gently reminding you to bring a ton of chicken wings for your upcoming […]

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12 Must-Try Log Cakes In Singapore For Christmas 2016

It’s the season to be jolly, festive vibes all around. With all the gatherings around the corner, log cakes are a definite. Ever wondered why we eat log cakes at Christmas? Back in the day yule logs were used for a source of warmth and light, then slowly popularized and became a symbol of hearth. […]

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Top 5 Recommended Food at 724 Ang Mo Kio Hawker

Another week another adventure, this week we are heading down to this classic favorite hawker to savour all of it’s old school allure. Within close proximity of the residential heartland Ang Mo Kio, this market hides food staple to most people living in the area. Ang Mo Kio Central or commonly known as 724 Ang […]

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Top 5 Recommended Food at Sims Vista Hawker

Tucked meekly in between blocks of residential blocks at Aljunied and Geylang lies a popular hawker centre drenching with praises. So we did a little diggin’ and checked out what to eat at Sims Vista Market and Food Centre. Common fanfare from the working class from the office buildings around the area, Sims Vista is […]

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5 Not-So-Mainstream Places To Celebrate Mooncake Festival With Your Mooncake(s)

Fuelling the need to dig up somewhere obscure to pretty up your Instagram account a.k.a earn all the likes has become a country norm. And there ain’t a better time than Mooncake Festival to do that because we predict mooncakes photos against a gorgeous backdrop are destined for a whole tons of likes. To help […]

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WTE-10 Trendy Desserts in Singapore-Featured-Image

Where To Eat 10 Trendy Desserts in Singapore

When we talked about desserts, perhaps 10 years earlier, we’d at most think about warm brownie drizzled with chocolate sauce atop or oven-baked apple crumble that were meant to fill up the scant space of our stomach. But as social media gradually saturates cultures worldwide, people started scavenging for more dramatic ones for whatever purpose […]

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