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Where To Eat Singapore - Unochubo

Unochubo – This Is Not Just Another Japanese-Korean Fusion Restaurant

How many Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant do you really see in Singapore? Not much. Interestingly, and increasingly, fusion restaurants are popping up all over the city. Their rooted dispositions like “a combination of global influence”, “mashup of food cultures”, “marrying the best of both cuisines”, etc., immediately comes to mind. In Singapore, Korean food are deified. […]

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WTE - Tonkichi Orchard Central Featured Image

Tonkichi Orchard Central – The Japanese Restaurant In Singapore That Survived K-Wave

Once upon a time, Japanese restaurant in Singapore used to be cool. Before K-wave, Japan’s ubiquitous influence in the city was felt by all Singaporeans. Drama series, J-pop, snacks, fashion, and especially food. So much so that when someone mentioned food in Singapore, you hear Malay food, Indian food, Chinese food, Western food and Japanese […]

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Maison Ikkoku - Featured Image

Maison Ikkoku – Why You Should Try Solo Dining At Least Once

When we mention “solo dining”, we can almost hear the gasps of shock traveling through these screens. But some people do it, even enjoy it, for various reasons. It might be the pleasant detachment from the hyperconnected world or the dedication of good food and drinks to their inner bon vivant. Fact is, dining alone […]

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Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant - Featured

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant – Why You, Mum & Dad Should Visit This Place Again For Dim Sum

When we were young, mom and dad used to drive us to the far end of Singapore just a little after the break of dawn on Sunday for morning dim sum. You know it: The excitement of seeing Singapore from a 360° view, listening to the sweet clinking and tinkling made from plates and cutleries […]

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Noodle Place Restaurant Featured Image

Noodle Place Restaurant – Super Real, Super Hong Kong-Style Food

There’s something about Hong Kong and its food. Too often, good food are eaten, reviewed, gone online, then bam! They become famous. But fact is, the country has far too many wonderful food yet to be explored. Perhaps they are tucked in the far northern end or lying low at the furthest east of the […]

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WTE The Disgruntled Brasserie Featured Image

The Disgruntled Brasserie – The Celebrated Restaurant Gets A Brand New Makeover

As the sunlight dims and the stars shine, a tippler makes his/her way into Ann Siang Hill, where carousing seems to be the focus of the night. Amongst this boozing neighbourhood, The Disgruntled Brasserie (the sister outlet of the acclaimed The Disgruntled Chef at Dempsey) sits quietly in the corner of the street. The place, […]

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WTE Knots Cafe and Living Featured Image

Knots Cafe and Living – This Is Where Your First Date Should Happen At

Question: What’s the main objective of a first date? Our answer: To get to know the other party better. So what environment constitutes that intention? A pleasantly modest, quiet yet romantic space for both of you to feel at ease. And we think we found that perfect place for you. Knots Cafe & Living has […]

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The Seafood White Beehoon in 8-Hours Broth That Deserves Tons Of Likes

Just when you thought the soon-to-be-classic White Beehoon had enough of being in the limelight, boom! We found yet another hidden gem in an air-conditioned food court—Port Weld Seafood White Beehoon in long-simmered broth. Besides being able to enjoy your seafood white beehoon favorites in the soothing confines of an air conditioned food court, there’s […]

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VLV Chairman's Crab

VLV- Where Exquisite Traditional Cuisine Meets Modern Taste

Rustic yet modern. Housed in a historic building dated back from the 1880’s, VLV retains allure of the yesteryears and complemented it with the sleek modern design of the 21st century. Running at the forefront of Asian hospitality, VLV crafts an exquisite experience for any modern day connoisseur. The 20,000 square feet area houses everything […]

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Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Rooster-shaped Yu Sheng @ Clarke Quay

Peony Jade – The Crow of the Crown CNY 2017

Traditionally, Chinese New Year symbolizes a new 365 days on the lunar calendar and is the biggest affair for most Chinese across the globe. But, really, it’s all about members of the family coming together for loads of good food (and ang baos, of course). So where do good food comes in throughout the 15 […]

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