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World Vegetarian Day Special: Where to Eat Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Singapore

1 October is World Vegetarian Day! Like most of you, we eat meat and have (had) our misconceptions about vegetarians and vegans. But this inspiring food journey has taught us so much about them! We’d like to start this article by clearing up 3 Common Misconceptions About Vegetarians and Vegans. Firstly, people turn vegetarian and […]

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New Green Pasture Cafe

There are more than sixty vegan dishes to choose from the New Green Pasture Cafe, with all of them having different origins and distinctive tastes. We really loved the Charcoal Noodle ($10) and reckon you try it too for its fresh and colourful combination of crunchy vegetables, passionfruit, rice crackers and special handmade creamy sauce, […]

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World Peace Cafe

Try the Canneloni ($6.50) which is a combination of carrots, onions and lettuce wrapped in thin crepe. Heated with mozzarella cheese on top to serve, the dish was warm, light and crunchy. Those who prefer something heavier for lunch, try the Aglio Olio ($6.50) with sauteed mushrooms filled with natural flavours from finely chopped cilantro […]

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Vegan Burg

The NEW Mustang Relish burger will be introduced on Tuesday 1 October World Vegetarian Day, at all four Vegan Burg outlets! The burger got its name from the Andrew Llyod Webber’s musical on roller skates, Starlight Express that is set to open 13 November at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. It incorporates a tender soy […]

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Sunny Choice

For South Eastern Chinese food, try the Hakka Abacus Seeds ($6), made with tapioca (30%) and yam (70%) flour, cooked in olive oil with sea salt. The abacus seeds were so soft and moist, and worked very well in terms of texture with the finely cut vegetable ingredients like mushrooms, carrots and tofu. We thoroughly […]

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Pita Pan

It is not hard to be taken in by the alluring aroma and inviting colours of Pita Pan Middle Eastern food. On your own, you can customise Pocket Sandwiches (Half $7.90/Full $13.90) starting with your choice of pita, followed by a main filling like falafel balls or Veggie Sharwarna, other vegetables dishes and exotic sauces. […]

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The Living Cafe – Refresh, Revive & Rejuvenate

Raw food diet is not a common practice in Singapore, and was never passed on in cafes or restaurants for the longest time. It took a passionate health nutritionist, Dana Heather, from Balanced Living, to want to advocate raw food diet into our local food scene hence the launch of The Living Cafe. Minimally decorated […]

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