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So you got out some cups to prepare a warming drink for your guests. You are pouring out water and steeping soggy teabags, wishing you need not reach out for spoons to stir – they would have contributed to the dishes you need to do later. If so, BistroTea is here to help you get a grip on sophistication and convenience that would replace the old fashioned tea lifestyle.


What started off as an envision quickly turned into a creative innovation, morphing sugar sticks into sumptuous tea sticks called the T-Pods, or Tea Portion of Design(s). The aluminium diffuser that doubles up as a stirrer is manufactured in Switzerland. While tea leaves inside are one of the finest and best natural flavours from Martin Bauer Germany and Sri Lanka. With an aim to bring the ultimate tea lifestyle to our locals, BistroTea arrived in Singapore under sole distribution of Boisson Singapore.


Often served in and used to put aside used T-Pods, are clear translucent envelopes of Italian origin and German technology. These envelopes have ‘invisible’ technology features that make them aroma retentive, moisture-proof and tear resistant.

I had earlier made myself a cup of BistroTea Jasmine Lotus, but you may want to try the more popular Quality Ceylon Tea. After stirring in the tea, I returned the used T-Pod into the envelop that, with its impeccable retentive abilities, managed to prevent drips or wastage of the tea leaves. I was able to reuse the T-Pod twice, but you can reuse it until the taste goes too blend for your preference.


That said, to truly enjoy fragrant, full flavoured BistroTea, it is recommended you pour boiling water over the T-Pod while stirring. Prolonged stirring between 3 to 5 minutes will intensify the taste of the tea, seeping its natural flavours though tiny holes in the aluminium diffuser.


With a diverse range of exotic tea to choose from, you can rest assure your guests will be spoilt for choices. The five tea categories of Green Tea, Black Tea, Red Tea, Fruit Berry and Herbs N’ Honey include flavours such as Ginger, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, English Breakfast, Apple Cinnamon, Earl Grey, Jasmine Lotus, Strawberry, Vanilla Peach and more. The BistroTea Collection lets you choose between Classic and Exotic assortments which each consists of 4 different flavours to fill a T-Tube of 16 T-Pods.

I had, for certain, enjoyed BistroTea Jasmine Lotus best which led me to a wonderful feeling of relaxation. The aroma was pleasing, and taste was rich, clean, smooth and subtly flowery.



BistroTea is undoubtedly the pioneer of today’s genuine luxury tea lifestyle. The brand won itself several prestigious awards in the past years, one of which include the FPA Packaging Excellence 2009 – Gold Award. BistroTea is currently only exclusively available at Boisson Singapore. Any orders or enquiries can be made to

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