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Raw garlic? Eww! Black garlic? Yay! No, really! Black garlic is the new black. Let us convince you why. Imagine garlic without all the annoying stuffs. No bad breath. No pungent odour. Just a jelly-like compound of caramelly sweetness and savoury mild garlic undertones. Even better, black garlic is loaded with nearly ten times as many polyphenols, which are powerful cancer-fighting compounds, and two times as many anti-oxidants, than raw garlic. It is great for your health and the health of your elderly loved ones!

Earthly Treasures Organic Black Garlic is retailed in different forms, such as multi-cloves, single bulb, peeled, paste and capsules. All of which have the same high level of nutritional values. So please, have black garlic as supplements to keep illnesses at bay. Home chefs can even use black garlic as an ingredient to a dish. We reckon it will give any dish a boost of life and well-balanced taste given its mellow sweetness and savoury hints.

Multi-Cloves Organic Black Garlic

Multi-Cloves Organic Black Garlic

Single Bulb Organic Black Garlic

Single Bulb Organic Black Garlic

Taken as a natural and organic food supplement, Earthly Treasures black garlic contains many beneficial natural nutrients and is rich in proteins containing numerous essential amino acids which are needed to aid in the building and maintenance of body tissues. Black garlic is also a good source of dietary fiber which aids the digestive systems. Earthly Treasures organic black garlic is low fat and saturated fat free.

Black Garlic by Yinca

Advanced Fermentation Process
Have we got you wondering how black garlic is made? Here’s how. You know how wine becomes more valuable over time? Black garlic works the same. Earthly Treasure Organic Black Garlic is made through a 90 days advanced biological natural fermentation process. The end result is potent black garlic that works wonders.

Black Garlic

Are you convinced yet? You should be! If not, write to us any questions or feedbacks you have about Earthly Treasures Organic Black Garlic and we will answer you!

Earthly Treasures Organic Black Garlic
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