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Our visit to the Royal Bird’s Nest specialty retail shop was an enriching one. Situated right in the heart of Chinatown along Temple street, the shop only distributes highest quality house bird’s nest from Batam, Indonesia. Set up by a brother duo – whose family owns Mega Indo Bird’s Nest – since December 2011, they hope everyone can enjoy bird’s nest on a regular basis. As such, Royal Bird’s Nest retails their products at affordable wholesale prices.

The rich Chinese heritage delicacy yàn wō (燕窝) translates to a swallow’s nest and garners the name of “Caviar of the East” in many non-eastern countries. Arrived on our table in the form of translucent broth, the delicacies hideously pack extraordinary nutritional benefits that can ward off cough, cold and common illnesses in sick people. Rich in protein and anti-oxidants, they can also enhance lung, kidney and spleen functions in men; improve immunity and complexion; and nourish pregnant women.

The ceramic cylinder bowls which held the bird’s nest created a subtle but valuable detail to the experience. We were also pleasantly surprised at the consistent and generous serving of quality bird’s nest and Chinese ginseng herbs in each bowl.

Contrary to popular belief, the taste of high society food is far from tasteless. Ginseng Bird’s Nest Soup with Wolfberry ($18) sent a refreshing blend of herbal notes with hints of sweetness. “Have a warm bowl of this before you go to sleep,” I remember a shop tender imparted, “it improves the condition of skin overnight.”

However, if you prefer to consume bird’s nest as dessert rather than nutrition, we recommend Bird’s Nest Soup with Ginko Nuts ($18). The taste resembles sweet chestnuts and is no doubt enjoyable to the last scoop.

The shop tender then went on to share with us how they ensure their bird’s nest is top quality.

Unlike using traditional cleaning methods, Royal Bird’s Nest uses a latest cleaning process Nanotechnology, or High Oxygen Water Technology, to ensure that the bird’s nests are better, purer, safer and more hygienic. The technology helps retain 100% of the bird’s nests’ nutrition and essence, while maintaining their beautiful appearance. We also learnt that the three Super Grade classifications vary in thickness and come from different parts of a bird’s nest.

Finally, for those who would like to prepare the delicacy at home, Royal Bird’s Nest has a guide to prepare the traditional Chinese delicacy. In it, it recommends that you, firstly, soak Royal Bird’s Nest in room temperature water for 2 hours. The bird’s nest will have a gelatinous texture. Then, add rock sugar and pandan leaf to slow cook for 45 minutes. Lastly, serve the soup or dessert warm or chilled.

We all need a little pampering sometimes to stay in the pink of health. And this shop is the ideal place for families or friends to get together and enjoy quality, nutritious bird’s nest soup served by really friendly staffs.

Royal Bird’s Nest
101 Upper Cross Street
People’s Park Centre #02-66
Singapore 058357
T: 6223 9593

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