Société Canteen – Melbourne-Style Cafe Culture [CLOSED]

For those who fancy a truly enjoyable quiet afternoon with coffee in one hand and book in the other, pay a visit to Société Canteen situated at Cluny Court. The recently established third wave coffee joint adopts the Melbourne-style cafe culture, giving off a fresh, enlivening vibe.


Inside, we were greeted by minimalist design and a unique open kitchen concept. The Drinks Menu was clearly legible on a white-washed wall, Food Menu scribbled on a mirror, and kitchen allowed us to command a view of the young skillful staffs at work. We ordered everything off their carefully thought lunch menu and was quickly served coffee and tea to begin.

Société Canteen uses one of the best Australian Tea brand, T2, that is popular among many who reside in Sydney and Melbourne. They have recently shipped in a large quantity of T2 Teas in tins (60 teabags $70/100 teabags $100/200 teabags $180) with a diverse range of flavours to suit any taste buds. Of which include the Melbourne Breakfast, Sydney Breakfast, Brisbane Breakfast, English Breakfast, Chai, Peppermint, French Earl Grey, Gorgeous Geisha and more. We had the T2 Red Fancy Fruit Tea by Pot ($8) to share and was pleased with the rich, aromatic and floral flavours.

For coffee lovers, we reckon you try the Cortado ($6) which cups two perfectly pulled shots of the Terra Firma blend and finished with Meiji milk. We were equally amazed with the Magic ($6) which is a much weaker version of the Cortado, cupping the perfect ristretto shot and finished with fine quality milk. Both coffees came at the right temperature and delivered sweet caramelly flavours that were absolutely enjoyable.


Cortado, Magic, Red Fancy Fruit Tea by Pot

I always have Pumpkin Soup that is chunky, thick and heavy on the taste buds, but Société Canteen’s Pumpkin Soup with Orange Zest ($6) was completely different. Rich, smooth, light and slightly tangy, we thought the soup was excellent as it had a hint of asiatic taste that was bright enough to kick start any languid appetite.


Pumpkin Soup with Orange Zest

Our first salad was the Mozzarella Spinach with Basil & Tomatoes ($12) which came fresh and chilled with thick mozzarella slices and juicy baby tomatoes. We were, however, more fascinated with the soft grilled Bacon Banana Salad ($14) as the savoury and desert combination is not commonly found elsewhere. To our delight, the salty bacon strips went very well with the natural sweetest of the banana – a dish we believe is an acquired taste.


Mozzarella Spinach with Basil & Tomatoes


Bacon Banana Salad

Made to order, you are rest assured that the Pastas will arrive to your table fresh as they should be. We had the Classic Meatballs with Tomato Sauce ($16) served with a good amount of deliciously handmade, chunky tomato sauce. The popular dish was well prepared, moist but not watery, with Ikea standard meatballs that were relishable.

We also had the Dry Carbonara ($16) which is an egg-based dish, fried briefly with bacon in olive oil and complete with generous portions of cheese.


Classic Meatballs with Tomato Sauce


Dry Carbonara

I personally like the Pesto ($15) best amongst their pasta selection, and thought that this dish is ideal for those who are on a vegetarian diet. The basil and pine nuts sauce is ground and prepared only when ordered, one can only imagine how fresh, nutritious and healthy this dish is.

Our final dish was the Portobello Alfredo ($15) which was not too creamy or cheesy. The mushrooms brought different textures to the dish, and combination of ingredients made it flavourful at every bite.




Portobello Alfredo

Overall, for the quality, portion and passion put into preparing the food and drinks served, we thought that the price paid was every bit worth it. The next time you visit the Botanic Gardens, do stop by Société Canteen for all the right reasons.

Situated between the Botanic Gardens MRT Station and Serene Centre, Cluny Court is one of the few remaining historical shophouses which manages to shun the media’s attention and crazy crowd influx despite a lineup of contemporary cafes and restaurants. The shophouse is easy to locate as it sits prominently near the cross junction of Bukit Timah and Farrer Road. However, for those who drive, you may consider parking at Serene Center beside Cluny Court, or the Botanic Gardens and walk a short distance over.

Societe Canteen
501 Bukit Timah Road
#01-05B Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
T: 6762 5600
Operating Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Thu)
8am – 11pm (Fri & Sat)
8am – 8pm (Sun)

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