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We had earlier came to know of The Broers Cafe during the Bettr Week Coffee Crawl 2012. The fast growing third wave coffee house, tucked in a quiet corner just a few minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT, brandishes a simplistic yet quirky italian coffee bar concept that creates a cosy atmosphere. Started by a brothers duo, The Broers Cafe – or “brothers” in Dutch – has garnered itself a reputation for brewing great coffee and bringing jovial conversations.

As we breezed into the cafe, we noticed pinned up on the white walls are hand-crafted cards and collages – that we thought were brilliant as they brought out the fun-loving and passionate personalities of the coffee aficionados. We then picked a seat beside the bar where it was bright and chill, where Kiat, one of the broers, gladly introduced us to some of their signature drinks.

We started off with a Brotado ($4), or Cortado, which is a stronger and smoother coffee that sits midway between a macchiato and a cappuccino. It has two shots of ristretto, milky goodness and beautiful latte art that tasted as great as it looked. We also had a Two-One-Two ($4) which cups a similar recipe to Brotado, but with more froth like a cappuccino.

However, if you prefer something less strong, you may opt for a regular Cappuccino (8oz $4.50/12oz $5) like the one I had – with the last few sips being relishable and compatible with the rest of the flavour.



Having looked forward to devour in Broers’ food items, we quickly decided on some sandwiches and pasta dishes. The Chicken Mayo Croissant ($7.50) arrived promptly, which had fine tender slices of baked chicken in creamy mayonaise, sandwiched between a buttery croissant bread. If you thought a sandwich would not be enough for one, think again. Served along with and to complete all sandwiches dishes, is a glass of soft roasted potato salad in spices and sauce.

Next, we had the Beef Sundried Sourdough ($8.50) which was comparable to a beef burger. The patty was rich and chunky, I definitely enjoyed every bit of this dish especially with the soft baked sourdough bread.

Chicken Mayo Croissant

If you prefer a fish dish, try their Smoked Salmon Croissant ($8.50). The buttery croissant bread stuffed with generous portion of smoked salmon slices will make a great healthy alternative to all that meat.For pasta lovers, we recommend Mad Over Mushrooms ($11) which has five different mushrooms, roasted in garlic and truffle oil, presented on a bed of spinach. The great combination is then further garnished with grated parmesan cheese dressing. I found the pasta al dente to my liking, and brilliant as it was rich in fresh ingredients.

Mad Over Mushrooms

Smoked Salmon Croissant

Finishing off, we had the Cajun Chicken Focaccia ($8.50) which I believe would make a wise choice for chicken breast meat lovers. The tender breast meat was tasteful with hints of herbs, and complete with fresh slices of red tomatoes and lettuce.

Cajun Chicken Focaccia

I guess we were able to understand why customers return to the minimalist cafe. The broers and their baristas had provided us with unpretentious service, great food at affordable prices, and of course wonderful tasting coffee. We say give The Broers Cafe a go if you have not, and you will be equally impressed by all they have to offer.

No 3 Petain Road
Singapore 208108
(Along Somme Road)
T: 6295 5426
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon & Sun)
10am – 8pm (Wed & Thu)
10am – 11pm (Fri & Sat)

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