The Cajun Kings Seafood Boil “Let The Good Times Roll”

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The Cajun Kings has been delivering one of the best seafood boil experience in Singapore since it opened in August last year. Most, if not all of the restaurant’s beer and boil are imported from Western countries, while preparation techniques and delivery style are adopted from the Vietnamese Americans from Louisiana. Beer in one hand and boil in the other, there is no better setting for you to hang loose with some buddies.


We were warmly greeted by Melvin, the restaurant’s humble owner, who ushered us to a large sturdy wooden table neatly laid with white waxed paper. There were no cutleries on the table, except plastic disposable aprons, a mini crab mallet with their logo embossed on it and a cutting board – we were going to make a mess.

Spoilt for choices from their menu selection, Melvin picked out some of the restaurant’s best sellers for us to try. There was no way he was letting us have food without drinks, so we had the Estrella Beer ($12) which was very light and ideal to drink in the afternoon. We also had the Arnold Palmer ($3), which was sparkling and refreshing.


Our first dish was a traditional Louisiana dish that happens to be completely new to us. It is called the Chicken & Andouille Gumbo ($11) which tasted so good, we fell in love with it instantaneously. The stock was rich and full flavoured with observable hints of Cajun spices. Thoroughly enjoyable, we reckon that it will make a great comfort food for any cold weather.


Then, we had Sweet Potato Fries ($8) served with spicy dip on the side, that left a tangy aftertaste. We liked how thin and crisp the fries were compared to regular french fries. Another must try is the meaty and springy Buttermilk Froglegs ($15) which were absolutely flavourful, especially when doused in lemon lime sauce. The texture is almost comparable to succulent chicken wings. We also had the Pork Belly Cracklings ($7) that came in large tasty juicy slices. They are very popular among lady customers.


Sweet Potato Fries


Buttermilk Froglegs


Pork Belly Crackings

Finally, we had the Dungeness Crab & Red Sea Prawns w/ KING’s Mix (Market Price) and Manila Clams w/ Garlic Butter (Market Price) served to us in large transparent plastic bags – no plates involved. Reaching our lower arm into the bag, we cautiously retrieved the crab with hard shell attached. Thank goodness for the plastic aprons issued to us earlier, otherwise our blouses would have had sauce sprinkled all over while trying to use the mallet on the crab.

Despite of the mess, we enjoyed the seafood in spicy KING’s Mix. The crab, fresh out of the shell, was full of thick white meat, and large clams were well-marinated and tasteful. Not wanting to waste too much of KING’s Mix, we turned it into a dipping sauce for our French Petite Baguette ($3).





French Petite Baguette

It is not often that we get to eat outdoors using our hands, and not get unpleasant stares. The thriving new restaurant located amongst landed residential housings in Upper Serangoon lets you do just that, there is almost no reason for you not to gather your buddies to revel in such awesomeness. But of course, because seatings are limited, it’s best you make any reservation in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Cajun Kings
15 Jalan Riang, Serangoon
Singapore 358987
T: 6284 4426
Operating Hours:
4.30pm 10pm (Tue Thu)
4.30pm 11pm (Fri)
3pm  11pm (Sat)
3pm  10pm (Sun)

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