Indulge at Park – Sun Wukong Descends To Grand Park City Hall

Inspired by Chinese novel Journey To The West, Executive Chef Eric Ong of Indulge at Park creates a glorious buffet of dishes dedicated to Chinese Lunar New Year. Indulge at Park within Grand Park City Hall, is smacked right in the heart of the town. The relatively massive restaurant has a charmingly cheerful indoors with […]

Peony Jade – Harvest Bountiful Beginnings with Artful Food

As always, Singapore is brimming full with festive menu from restaurants of every size during this period of time. For something more imaginative and indulging, Peony Jade’s 2016 Monkey Magic Chinese New Year menu will absolutely fit the bill. The restaurant prepares eight new creations and saccharine desserts for the menu. Instant Enormous Windfall, Good […]

Thai’ny Town by D’s Kitchen – Casual Family-friendly Thai Fare

Thai’ny Town, located at Junction 10 and 10 minutes away from Bukit Panjang MRT Station, is a representation of how much Thai food has infiltrated Singapore’s culture—you don’t even need to head down to the centre of the city to get a taste of infamously picante food. The family-friendly restaurant features good-for-sharing dishes and insanely […]

Crystal Jade – Lofty Home-Cooked Flavours

In celebration of Chinese culture and food, Crystal Jade at Vivocity aims to please all with additions to its already comprehensive menu. For lunch, you could easily go with their hand-pulled noodles freshly made by dedicated chefs swirling and twirling the dough behind the counter of the open kitchen, or indulge in their special Xiao […]

Gyuu+ Yakiniku Grill – Top Quality Meats That Won’t Break Your Bank

There’s no dearth of Japanese grill joints in Singapore, so when a happy hunting ground for Japanese comestibles such as Emporium Shokuhin opened it doors, you’d anticipate the resultant Gyuu+ amongst eight different restaurants in the hypermarket. Beef, especially the A5 Japanese Miyazaki, are a specialty at Gyuu+, with Kurobuta pork and live seafood on […]

Jinjja!! Chicken – Not just some Korean Fried Chicken

If you’re heading to the lively Bugis Street, don’t be daunted by the gripping colors of the eateries located just right along the main road, because you might just miss Jinjja!! Chicken. Setting itself apart from regular Korean fried chicken fast food in Singapore, you can look forward to street foods replicas that will remind […]

Mitzo – A Honeyed Date with Modern Canto

In the enormity of Singapore’s busiest street, there’s no lack of Cantonese cuisine. Mitzo labored in creating a contemporary Cantonese menu, with innovative cocktails in a modern yet intimate dining environment. To keep its Cantonese roots despite its Western groundwork, the name itself is in fact a clever transliteration of honey date in Cantonese. Not […]

Joyden Treasures – A Taste of Nostalgia with Cultural Classics

What sets Joyden Treasures apart from industry stalwarts, is that they piece anecdotal accounts of traditional dishes and interpret these supposedly long-lost recipes with their own method. In other words, the taste of their food would probably take you down the memory lane and reignite buried remembrance of the time when you were 10 and […]