Joyden Treasures – A Taste of Nostalgia with Cultural Classics

What sets Joyden Treasures apart from industry stalwarts, is that they piece anecdotal accounts of traditional dishes and interpret these supposedly long-lost recipes with their own method. In other words, the taste of their food would probably take you down the memory lane and reignite buried remembrance of the time when you were 10 and […]

Marriott Cafe – Absolutely Jolly Christmas Buffet

When you want to celebrate your Christmas Day with a note of extravagance, you can’t be short of the festive environment, free flow sparkling wine, traditional festive dishes and a dessert spread. Seems like it’s a chore to gather all these elements all in one for the perfect Christmas celebration, but Marriott Cafe is offering […]

Yan Cantonese Cuisine – Familiarity At Its Best

Yan, a Cantonese restaurant, that sits on the fifth floor of National Gallery Singapore has already opened its door to the public despite the art gallery building isn’t set to open until 24th November. The restaurant, which seats approximately 150 people, is a step up from your usual noisier, more rowdy Chinese jiu lou. Outfitted […]

Sumiya – Perfect Weekend Sake Brunch

Indeed, Japanese has a flair to make any dish seemed elaborate using the simplest ingredients. And as Singaporeans (or should we say people worldwide?) takes an earnest loving towards Japanese cuisine, we see more Japanese restaurants that serves high-quality cuisines sprouting in the city. Sumiya, with its second outlet at Suntec City, is one of […]

E!GHT Korean BBQ – Porky Has The Say

When you pride yourself on using ‘thick, scrumptious slices of Mangalitza pork belly’ for your choice of meat and you even name your restaurant after its 8 Colours Set, that says alot. The Central is a slightly confusing area to navigate unless you’re really familiar with the place. Otherwise, just follow the lingering smell of […]

Emporium Shokuhin – Japanese First Gourmet Paradise

Supermarkets has a magical power of enticing you deep into the space of their aisles and before you know it, hours has passed and your trolley is filled with things that you don’t recall taking. Emporium Shokuhin is Singapore’s first integrated and largest Japanese supermarket. Located at the new wing of Marina Square, the supermarket […]

Som Tam – Modern Thai Fusion

Concepted by the same team behind Gin Khao at East Coast Parkway, Som Tam pride itself in ‘giving Thai food a new leash of life’. Basically Som Tam is a modern fusion restaurant and has a menu made up of Thai-meets-somewhere-else cuisine. Sitting quietly in a corner of level 8 at Orchard Central, the restaurant’s […]

District 10 Bar & Grill – Beef For The People

When a restaurant prides itself on the quality of their beef, there is no reason to not turn your attention to it. District 10 at Suntec City is one such restaurant, especially when they are also particularly proud about their extravagantly expensive ($22K!) meat chiller for the dry-ageing of their meat. Different from their other […]

elemen元素™ – Nature To Your Palates

Speaking of vegetarian cuisine in Singapore, one would probably associate it with dishes made from starch or beancurds trying to replicate the look, smell and taste of meat. elemen元素™, a meat-free restaurant, tries to separate itself from the above mentioned phenomenon and advocates a wholesome dining experience for you with only the most fundamental ingredients […]

Gin Khao – New Sassy Restaurant in Town

Thai language is relatively versatile, “gin khao” not only refers to “to eat rice”, it can also mean eating anything at anytime of the day. We’re guessing that’s the message this new gem at East Coast Parkway next to Burger King fast food restaurant wants to deliver – to be able to relish in good […]