The Seafood White Beehoon in 8-Hours Broth That Deserves Tons Of Likes

Just when you thought the soon-to-be-classic White Beehoon had enough of being in the limelight, boom! We found yet another hidden gem in an air-conditioned food court—Port Weld Seafood White Beehoon in long-simmered broth. Besides being able to enjoy your seafood white beehoon favorites in the soothing confines of an air conditioned food court, there’s […]

VLV- Where Exquisite Traditional Cuisine Meets Modern Taste

Rustic yet modern. Housed in a historic building dated back from the 1880’s, VLV retains allure of the yesteryears and complemented it with the sleek modern design of the 21st century. Running at the forefront of Asian hospitality, VLV crafts an exquisite experience for any modern day connoisseur. The 20,000 square feet area houses everything […]

Peony Jade – The Crow of the Crown CNY 2017

Traditionally, Chinese New Year symbolizes a new 365 days on the lunar calendar and is the biggest affair for most Chinese across the globe. But, really, it’s all about members of the family coming together for loads of good food (and ang baos, of course). So where do good food comes in throughout the 15 […]

Tai Cheong – A Taste Of Hong Kong In Holland V

Not exaggerating when we say every Singaporean should know about Tai Cheong’s egg tarts by now. These palm-sized Hong Kong desserts brought hordes of Singaporeans down to Takashimaya, queuing for approximately 30 minutes before they can get their hands on one. After a year of pleasing our egg tart desires, Tai Cheong decidedly opens a […]

Ginza Lion – Japanese Beer & Food Den for the best gatherings

Who doesn’t like switching off their brain after a hard day’s worth of work? Add kicking back and cracking open a tall chilled can of Japan’s oldest beer, Sapporo, and Voila! Perfect night. Japanese are famed for making light golden beer that slides down the throat so smoothly, especially when they’re chilled. Thirsty yet? Well […]

Marriott Cafe – A Dazzling Thanksgiving Buffet

It’s the time for you to let your hair down and reward yourself for being nice all year and what better way to indulge in the wondrous Thanksgiving buffet set up at Marriott Cafe? All decked up with home style Christmas decor, free flow sparkling wine, an amazing spread of festive foods to savour and […]

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