15 Legendary Bak Chang You Must Try in Singapore

Posted on 29 May 2014

We’ve hunted, gorged on, and filled our monstrous bellies with some of Singapore most popular bak chang. Here’s our shortlist of 15 Legendary Bak Chang You Must Try in Singapore during Dragon Boat Festival 2014. From traditional premium pork and abalone stuffing, to unique Mao Shan Wang durian stuffing and healthy brown glutinous rice. Surely there will be a flavour that you fancy. Order your favourite bak changs early before they’re gone!

Din Tai Fung

Order from 1 May – 2 June at all Din Tai Fung restaurants • Promotion from 1 May – 30 Jun: FREE Red Bean Rice Dumpling with min. spend of $90 for all diners and min. spend of $80 for OCBC cardmembers.


1) Red Bean Rice Dumpling ($5/pc)
Specially air-flown from Din Tai Fung Taiwan, these red rubies are handmade with top grade Taiwanese glutinous rice and generously stuffed with the finest red bean paste. Each bite fills your palate with traditional Taiwanese flavours that will leave you craving for more. Fortunately, these are available all year round in Singapore!


2) Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork ($6/pc)
These are back by popular demand, and here’s why. It has got the softest, most chewy top grade Taiwanese glutinous rice stuffed with succulent premium pork belly steeped in secret marinade. Its bamboo wrap allows the rice to absorb the natural fragrance of the leaves and premium pork, creating a heavenly aroma with well-rounded flavours in each bite!

Min Jiang (Goodwood Park Hotel)

Min Jiang (Goodwood Park Hotel), 22 Scotts Road, S228221 • T: 6730 1704
Min Jiang (One-North), No.5 Rochester Park, S139216 • T: 6774 0122


3) Hae Bee Hiam Dumpling ($6.80/pc)
The older folks are going to love this. Its mix of white and black glutinous rice wrapped around tantalizing and slightly sweet homemade rempah or spice paste fired with ground dried shrimp is brilliant and creates a comforting sense of nostalgia. Beyond satisfying on both sensory and emotional levels!


4) Red Rice Wine Chicken Dumpling ($6.80/pc)
Savoury salted egg yolk meets sweet red rice wine lees in bak chang. The result is fragrant chicken thigh meat braised perfectly to create an indulgent and flavourful experience. Its textures are amazing too, given its glutinous rice studded with hues of red yeast rice and chestnuts for extra crunch.


5) Kee Zhang ($5.80/3 pcs)
Back by popular demand, these steamed kee zhang is served with creamy bittersweet durian dip. Extremely value for money, considering the fact that they are retailed in threes and at an affordable price. We think this is the perfect dessert alternative!

Szechuan Court (Fairmont Hotel)

Szechuan Court (Fairmont Hotel), Level 3 • T: 6431 6156 (Order 2 days in advance) • E: dining.singapore@fairmont.com


6) Truffle “Dong-Bo” Abalone Dumpling ($118++ per 600g)
Behold the treasures of this massive bak chang. It brims with mouthwatering pieces of traditional Eastern Dong-Bo pork belly, premium Japanese Shiitake mushrooms and baby abalones that have been stewed in chef’s homemade Dong-Bo sauce for at least 3 hours. Sprinkled with Western Chopped Truffle bits, then wrapped in glistening glutinous rice, the bak chang is topped with even more black truffle. Truly the epitome of goodness overload.


7) Organic Brown Rice Vegetarian Dumpling ($24++ per 600g)
One of the more healthier bak chang option is definitely this. You will be attracted to the unique addition of vegetarian abalone that has been braised in Chef Mandy’s special sauce for at least 3 hours. Other vegetarian ingredients include vegetarian smoked duck and roasted pork, along with Japanese flower mushrooms and chunky chestnuts filled in its centre. Simply delectable!

Yan Ting (St Regis)

T: 6506 6887 • E: yanting@stregis.com • W: www.yantingrestuarant.com


8) Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Abalone and Golden Dried Scallops ($25.80+)
Ideal for sharing with your loved ones, this bak chang offers a divine mix of textures and flavours. It comprises of premium grade ingredients like the finest South African abalone, dried scallops, chunky flavoursome chestnuts, succulent roasted duck meat and perfectly salted egg yolk.

9) Vegetarian Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste ($5.80+)
Small eaters, health-conscious eaters, this dumpling is crafted just for you. Beneath a wedge of tender glutinous rice is smooth and delectably sweet lotus seed paste, portioned in smaller than usual size. This is exclusively available from 19 May to 2 June 2014 only, so order quickly.

Royal Pavilion (Park Regis)

Park Regis Singapore, 23 Merchant Road, Level 1 S058268 • T: 6818 8851 • E: ken@rpguandi.com / reservation@rpguandi.com


10) “Lao Gan Tie” Mushroom Dried Shrimp Dumplings ($9.80+)
Easily one of our most favourite bak chang for its spiciness! Lao gan tie is made with Royal Pavilion’s signature lao gan tie chilli sauce, onion, garlic, anchovies, dried scallop, yellow beans, and dried prawns. Albeit its seemingly simple ingredients, it manages to create a pleasant localised taste and deliver the right level of spiciness that gives you a little kick on your palate, but does not overpower any natural taste. Must try!


11) Tapioca Red Bean Dumpling ($7.80+)
Pretty obvious this bak chang is designed to be enjoyed as a dessert, and not as a traditional savoury dish. Ideal for dessert-loving gourmets to share or have alone. One thing for sure, you really want to add this in your list of must try desserts before it’s gone!

Peony Jade

Peony Jade (Keppel Club), Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club (Level M) S109918 • T: 6276 9138 / 6276 8327
Peony Jade (Clarke Quay), Blk 3A Clarke Quay, #02-02 (Walk-in from Liang Court) • T: 6338 0305 / 6338 0138
For purchase enquiries and reservations, please call 6276 9138 / 6375 5562
All prices quoted are subject to 7% GST


12) Savoury Pork and Mui Choy Zhong 花腩梅菜粽 ($7.80/pc)
Ah, this would make a comforting choice! The combination of mui choy, or preserved mustard greens, and tender cubed pork braised over slow fire for 45 minutes creates a very homely feel. Be prepared to have an unusual yearning for more once you sink your teeth into this succulent goodness.


13) Nyonya Chili Anchovies and Peanuts Zhang 娘惹辣椒将鱼仔花生粽 ($13.50/3 pcs)
Of all types and kinds of bak chang, we always find a soft spot for Peranakan style bak chang. This one definitely left a lasting impression on us because not only do the Peranakan flavours impress, the amalgamation of nyonya spicy chilli prawns, peanuts and anchovies brought about a nostalgic taste – tastes quite like your local nasi lemak but better. Super intense and spicy experience, we highly recommend you to try this!

14) Nyonya Zhang 招牌娘惹粽 ($8.80/pc)
Here’s another popular Peranakan style bak chang. Nothing overly fanciful, just the conventional ingredients of tender and moist minced pork, mushroom and slightly sweet winter melon cubes, stuffed in glutinous rice dumplings and wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves. Basically, this is the closest you can get to authentic Peranakan bak chang.


15) Cooling Tutti-Frutti Flavour Dessert Dumpling Combo 冰凉水果粽组和 (S$19.80 per set)
Don’t you just love the name of this colourful set of fruity dessert dumplings! Not only does it look and sound like an instant mood-lifter, served chilled, these fruity dumplings are bright and enlivening too. The delightful tropical fruit bundle comprises of (one of each) Honey Mango and Sago Pearls with Pomelo Sacs 冰凉杨枝甘露粽, Avocado with Gula Melaka 冰凉椰糖牛油果粽, Refreshing Coconut Pineapple 清爽冰凉椰汁凤梨粽 and Mao Shan Wang Durian 冰凉猫山王榴莲.

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