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It’s Yu Sheng Time!

Hi everyone, Happy Chinese New Year! Every Chinese New Year, Chinese families, friends and colleagues gather to have a ceremony known as Lo Hei, that involves the preparation and indulgence of the traditional Chinese dish called Yu Sheng. The Chinese pronunciation of Yu Sheng directly translates to an increase in abundance, hence its symbolic meaning […]

Prosper with Lucki-San Salad Combo Meal

Here’s what’s new at Maki-San this Chinese New Year: The Lucki-San Salad! Great for a toss in the upcoming festive season, the Lucki-San Salad is a yummy twist on tradition. Shredded cucumber + carrot + white radish + salmon sashimi + fragrant bak kwa + apple + pineapple + mandarin orange + crunchy cashew nuts […]

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