Oyoge Taiyaki – Authentic Fish-shaped Mochi Taiyaki

Taiyaki, a fish-shaped pancake generously filled with sweet azuki bean paste, was originally connected to a children’s song Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun (Swim! Taiyaki). It gained popularity when the song became a hit in 1976. Today, people purchase taiyaki for its auspicious shape and sweet filling. Oyoge Taiyaki was set up by a young local entrepreneur who learned how to make traditional taiyaki in Japan, took that knowledge, modified its recipe and created the world’s first white fish-shaped mochi taiyaki. Ideally located in Singapore along Mosque Road facing the main road, the shop is not hard to spot and often crowded with patrons.

Unlike traditional taiyaki that uses waffle batter to bake until the outer part browns and creates a cakey overall texture, Oyoge Taiyaki uses tapioca flour to bake until the outer part becomes glutinous white and creates a chewy mochi-like overall texture. The difference is almost comparable to that of traditional mooncake and snowskin mooncake.

Oyoge Taiyaki is made fresh daily and retailed in boxes of 6 assorted flavours. Our favourite flavours include Matcha ($2.50/pc), White Cheese ($3/pc) and Belgium Chocolate ($3/pc). Other flavours include Goma, or Black Sesame ($2.80), Japanese Azuki Bean ($2.50/pc) and Strawberry Fromage ($3/pc). Delicately soft, enticingly sweet and chock-full of the finest ingredients imported from Japan, Oyoge Taiyaki is nothing short of amazing. It works as a great snack, but can be quite filling. If you are thinking of ordering in bulk, we strongly advice you to call the shop and place your order in advance, as each round of baking takes approximately 15 minutes.

Even the packaging is thoughtfully designed. Each taiyaki is separated by a clear sheet so it doesn’t become a sticky mess. Graphic instructions at the top offer heating and chilling advices so you can enjoy it at the comfort of your own home, if not immediately.

Oyoge Taiyaki has also launched a new Japanese soft serve ice cream this June with unique flavors like melon, kyoho grapes and peach. We’ve yet to try them, so maybe you can share with us your verdict!

For more information, visit Oyoge Taiyaki Website, Facebook or Instagram.

Oyoge Taiyaki
191 New Bridge Road
12pm – 9pm (Mon – Thu)
10.30am – 10pm (Fri – Sun)
Tel: 9099 0318

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