Quayside Seafood’s Eight Golden Trove: Auspicious Fresh Treasures from the Sea

How about some scenic river-side dining this Chinese New Year? Enjoy a celebratory seafood feast beside the lapping calm waters & gorgeous lights of Clarke Quay at the breezy Quayside Seafood Restaurant. A good dining venue, especially you are looking for a different place to hold your festive gatherings- the scenery, laid back ambience and hearty dishes will provide a great environment for ushering in the Year of the Goat.

“Lou Hei” Yu Sheng

Yu-Sheng (Prosperity Toss) is a must-have for any Chinese New Year dinner. The Quayside Seafood’s yusheng platter features a lobster & an auspicious ‘carp’, symbolising abundance and longevity. Enjoy generous portions of fresh raw seafood like Australian lobster, tuna, salmon roe, crunchy conch and sea urchin, along with symbolic sweet and sour sauces that are drizzled onto the platter with auspicious sayings. Toss your way to triumphant prosperity and longevity, and usher in good fortune with this colourful and refreshing dish. You might also find it fun hunting for the premium seafood amidst the crisp shredded radish after the energetic toss! Serves up to 8 guests.

“Prosperous” Pipa Tofu

This pan-seared tofu dish isn’t what you would usually expect. Handcrafted with interesting chewy textures- enjoy a crispy outer layer, and a warm, moist and crumbly interior made of fresh crab meat, diced prawns and mushrooms, as well as crunchy water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. A unique twist that is different from the usual smooth, eggy tofu styles. Serves up to 4-6 guests.

Deep-Fried “Prosperous” Fresh Oysters in Cantonese “Bi Fung Tang” Style

Crispy with a delightful crunch, garnished with cut red chillies and sprightly green spring onions, this fried oyster dish has a slight, tangy spicy flavour to it. It does a good job as an appetiser to awaken the taste buds. Serves up to 4-6 guests.

Baked Rack of Lamb

This dish became a favourite amongst us diners! Why? Bite into baked tender lamb meat drizzled with sweet sauce and you’ll know. Marinated and infused with garlic, spring onions, coriander, honey and Japanese shoyu seasoning sauce for an hour, the lamb is also pan seared to seal in all the delicious flavours. What results is a harmonious taste with a slightly spicy taste that tickles and delights the taste buds. The lamb is also prepared this way so that you don’t have to worry about the usual heavy, pungent lamb smell. We loved the mountain of thin, deep fried taro sticks accompanying this dish too. Serves up to 6 guests. A 1 day advance order is required.

Baked Turbot Fish with Whole Garlic in Claypot

Fish is a popular dish served during Chinese New Year, symbolising abundance and wealth. Steamed in a claypot before being baked, the Turbot fish has a firm and sweet texture. Served with soft, whole garlic and homemade bean paste and topped with fragrant chives, any ‘fishy’ smell is eliminated as well. We found that the roasted garlic garnish, while generous in serving and appetising in aroma, a tad too overpowering in taste, unfortunately masking the freshness of the Turbot fish.

Whole Lobster & Seafood Treasures Pen-Cai

This pen-cai pot is overflowing with glorious seafood treasures like whole 10-head abalones, oysters, golden lobster, fresh scallops, crab claws, delicious lala (mussels), sea cucumber and more. Something unique about this pen-cai is how tender, hormone-free chicken is added into the pot of seafood delights. The brown, sweet and sticky broth sauce combines the flavours of this seafood pot perfectly. A rich dish that will delight the entire table. Serves up to 6 guests.

Harmonious Claypot Prawns with Tang Hoon

The smooth, thin rice vermicelli is a dish that symbolises longevity. Fried in premium oyster sauce, fresh garlic, and Chinese parsley, the thin strands of vermicelli are infused with a pleasant smoky flavour. The prawns are also fresh and juicy. A simple but delicious take on the traditional Chinese dish. Serves up to 4-5 guests.

Bountiful Treasures Chilled Lemongrass Jelly

You might not be a huge fan of lemongrass, but this jelly dessert can still be enjoyable for you. Refreshing, with lively lime, pomelo, mango and strawberries topping the mildly sweet cool jelly, we felt that this was a great way to round off the New Year feast!

Enjoy your Chinese New Year reunion dinners and gatherings with premium fresh seafood dishes including lobsters and sea urchins in a relaxed alfresco setting with Quayside Seafood, just opposite Liang Court.

Quayside Seafood
Blk 3A Clarke Quay, Alfresco
Tel: 6338 3195 / 9105 5973
Website: http://www.quaysidedining.com
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