Tenderbest Makcik Market – A lifestyle café for quality local favourite food by Tenderfresh


Tenderbest Makcik Market is the newest concept established by Tenderfresh Group – a famous fried chicken chain ruling in Singapore since 1979. It was a 40th anniversary venture of the said enterprise.

This halal certified casual dining café is located in the heartland of the east. It has plants artistically decorated around the area which brings the nature vibes to the customers. The whole setup is suited for individual or group of people like family who likes to unwind and have fun especially, if they would like to have a gathering in the place.

One important dish that you can have a taste when you visit Tenderbest Makcik Market is the highly recommended Fried Spring Chicken for $18.50. It has this delicious aroma and mouth-watering crispy fried golden skin that will surely give a taste of heaven to anyone who will try this.

Another delicious food in the menu is the Philadelphia Cheese Steak Prata at $4.90. It is a mixture of ground beef, melted cheese, bell pepper, and red onions.

Tenderbest Makcik Market also offers a very spicy Grilled Sambal Stingray that is good for only $15.90. It has a mixture of a special Sambal chilli and Chin Jia lok specially homemade. If you are those who love spicy foods, you surely will be thrilled by this.

We finally know why Nasi Goreng is one of the MUST order dish by most customer after we tasted Daging Padprik Nasi Goreng $8.90. The nasi is so flavourful and appetising with the pairing of the sides. We have to say, the portion is very generous but we can have the whole plate to ourselves. There are also a wide varieties of Nasi Goreng side dishes you can choose from such as Crispy Boomerang, Roasted Chicken wings and many more.

Most people nowadays have a thing for fries and this particular version of Tenderbest is indeed a delicious one. Indomie Loaded Fries has sunny side up on top of it to add a tasteful twist and it is being sold for only $5.90.

Moreover, you can avail Mala Ayam Roti John ($8.5) – a Malay and Chinese cuisine which makes a mouthful taste because the bread is perfectly baked and the Mala sauce was well-made. Defintely not the usual Roti John you have tasted.

For those who love seafood can try this Chargrilled Squid with Potato Salad for only $17.9. It is perfectly grilled and juicy. An enticing combination of potato salad and squid is worth tasting!

This particular pasta has a chicken part that looks like a boomerang that is why it is called this way – Crispy Boomerang Aglio. It is luscious combination for $9.90.

Crispy Fried Chicken Cutlet can be paired with spicy scallop sauce, mustard mayo, nacho cheese or curry tartar. It is worth trying for $9.90 only.

For the dessert, Tissue Ondeh Ondeh ($4.50) was made out of Prata, topped with coconut flakes and drizzle with melted gula melaka. It is sweet and very tasty.

Another delectable & instagramable dessert you can’t miss is Pisang Goreng Unicorn with Ice Cream $8.90. It was deep fried banana topped with coconut flakes in different colours and ice cream.

Tenderbest Makcik Market has so much to offer and hopefully, you will be satisfied and continue to visit this lifestyle cafe.

Tenderbest Makcik Market
799 New Upper Changi Rd, #02-01,
Singapore 467351
Tel: +65 6755 6900
Website: https://www.tenderfresh.com.sg/tenderbestmakcikmarket

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