Top 5 Recommended Food at 724 Ang Mo Kio Hawker

Posted on 02 December 2016

Another week another adventure, this week we are heading down to this classic favorite hawker to savour all of it’s old school allure. Within close proximity of the residential heartland Ang Mo Kio, this market hides food staple to most people living in the area. Ang Mo Kio Central or commonly known as 724 Ang Mo Kio is filled with long-standing stalls such as the ever popular Seng Bee Chicken rice or the crowd-gathering Yi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Fu, this hawker never ceases to amaze. Other than these household names, we’ve uncovered more goodies around! Whether you’re by the area or a serial hawker fanatic, our top 5 recommended eats would definitely leave you wanting more.

Lim Hai Sheng Cooked Food #01-09
The stall serves only white carrot cake throughout its years and evidently that focus pays off really well. Smooth, beaten eggs coats a generous dose of Chai Po (preserved turnips) then slowly fried to a crisp that envelops the springy soft carrot cake. Additionally, Lim Hai Sheng also uses a spray bottle for distributing fish sauce while frying, making sure every inch of the carrot cake takes in the delicious flavour. The result? A heartfelt plate of goodness that’s just begging to be gobbled up.

Joyous Seafood White Bee Hoon #01-30
With the new rising food trend sweeping all across the nation, you’d be silly if you don’t try this affordable and delicious Joyous Seafood White Bee Hoon! Ever popular with the patrons, do note that the waiting time can get up to about 30 minutes at lunch and dinner hours.. We ordered one with fresh fish slices, La La and prawns but the hot favorite would be the crayfish rendition. The Bee Hoon in broth is light and sweet, while the additional seafood imparts a fresh flavour to it. All these coupled with tasty pork lard that brings a crunchy texture and sinful fragrance to every mouthful; just bring me another plate already!

Chiok Seng #01-25
Satay Bee Hoon stalls are hard to come by. Good Satay Bee Hoon stalls are even more so but luckily there’s Chiok Seng. Cooked-to-perfection bee hoon drenched in homemade satay sauce, that’s exactly what defines deliciousness. Let’s also not forget about the just-right tenderness of the cuttlefish and kangkong that manages to pick up a fair bit of sauce before delivering into your mouth. As we desperately try to scoop up every last thick drop of the sauce, we’d love to let you know that Chiok Seng never fails to deliver the best foodie experience.

Four Seasons Ching Teng #01-24
Introducing this no-fuss and great quality Ching Teng – a stall dedicated to selling either just hot or cold Ching Teng. As we talked about specialization earlier, Four Seasons Ching Teng fits the bill really well too. With a bountiful of ingredients to chew on, this all-time favourite is not only ideal for leisure dessert-binging, they also come in handy when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Yunus N Family #01-01
Yunus N Family has a loyal fan base who swear their loyalty to the handmade assortments they have to offer. From Gado Gado to Mee Soto, they offer different variations and add-ons for any kind of preferences. Well, hard to imagine but try economy rice. With all the individual bites and add-ons done up nicely, it’s safe to say we’ll be back to try out the other stuff in their menu.

724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore 560724

Nearest train station: Ang Mo Kio

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