5 Not-So-Mainstream Places To Celebrate Mooncake Festival With Your Mooncake(s)

Posted on 26 August 2016

Fuelling the need to dig up somewhere obscure to pretty up your Instagram account a.k.a earn all the likes has become a country norm. And there ain’t a better time than Mooncake Festival to do that because we predict mooncakes photos against a gorgeous backdrop are destined for a whole tons of likes. To help you out and to gives places in Singapore that haven’t received their due respect a sincere shout out, we came up with a list of destination that are (sort of) divorced from the mainstream.

#1 Marina Barrage
Yeap, the Green Roof where people lay out their cute tartan mat and eat sandwiches and drink bottles of champagne. What we are suggesting is the sweet combination of beautiful sky, fresh greenery, comfortable seats and crisp air. Also, don’t miss out the long stretch of dam (Marina Barrage) across the water that separates the sea from the reservoir. At this dam, there are about 10 sheltered “pit-stops” where joggers or cyclist can rest themselves. But when the sun goes down, these “pit-stops” are mostly empty and great for doing a little stargazing (or moongazing) or taking in the entire city skyline.

#2 Botanic Garden
We did not cheat; there ARE hidden spots in the 82 hectares of land. You can swing yourself to joy at the Frangipani Grove, hang out at the shaded seats near it or sit at the POW Stairs leading down to Singapore Botanic Garden’s Plant House.

#3 Labrador Park
Kept the way it was since its discovery, this off beaten track calls for a short historical walk along the waters and deeper within the woodland. When your feet are starting to give way, rest them at practically any spot because it’s super quiet everywhere.

#4 Henderson Waves Bridge
Standing tall at 36 metres above ground, this pedestrian bridge (highest in Singapore) is part of the Southern Ridges Walk. Don’t worry, there are some seats available within the twirly shaped wooden-decked bridge which are comfortable enough to take in the green environment.

#5 Punggol Waterway
Oh, how can we not include the prominent #Instagramtree when it comes to updating your gallery? But, of course, we do know that it has been cut down last year. Anyway, the plain field where the tree used to be is incredibly spacious and a great picnic spot too. And the huge spacious sky would probably do your photo justice.

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