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7 Prosperous Yu Sheng to Lo-Hei You Into 2020!

Yu Sheng, or more commonly referred to as Lo-Hei is perhaps arguably the most integral and fun element of Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner. Tossing Yu Sheng signifies the commencement of celebrations. Any reunion dinner will be amiss without this iconic dish. Keeping this in mind, we are bringing you 7 places where you can […]

7 Restaurants To Visit For A Sumptuous CNY Feast With Your Family!

Chinese New Year is round the corner and if you are looking for some mesmerising food and breathless restaurants where you can usher in this auspicious occasion in the most opulent and palate pleasing way then we have compiled a list of restaurants where you can indulge in traditional flavours done in a modern way. […]

9 Pineapple Tarts That Are Worth Every Calorie!

Pineapple tarts add a fragrant, buttery and sweet touch during the Chinese New Year celebrations. These flaky little golden balls are perhaps the most popular and beloved CNY goodies that every household must absolutely have. With Pineapple Tart open season, we have scoured the streets and corners to bring you our top nine recommendations of […]

Calling all Foodies For Once in a Lifetime Experience – Grand Shanghai Collaborates with Two Michelin Star Restaurant Canton 8 for an Exclusive 3-Nights only Dining Extravaganza!

The newly refurbished Grand Shanghai has announced an exclusive collaboration with two-Michelin-starred restaurant Canton 8 from Shanghai. Canton 8, which is sometimes referred to as the most affordable Michelin starred restaurant in the world is well acclaimed for serving some of the best dishes in Shanghai that the Cantonese cuisine has to offer. Diners will […]

Where To Eat Singapore – Our Favourite Pick Of Christmas Cakes 2017

How are you looking to celebrate the jolly season? Perhaps with a succulent turkey or other roasted delights, but how about Christmas sweet treats? Originally made with chocolate and filled with raspberry jam, traditional Yule Logs (Bûche de Noël) are significant treats during Christmas and have since evolved along the years, holding a range of […]

4 Great Places In Singapore For A Different Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air and definitely will be all over your social media feed this upcoming Valentine’s Day, and you know there’s no escaping from it. The time where everyone put their brains together and think of how to spend it, whether it’s with your long-time spouse or a new eye candy you’re thinking […]

7 YuSheng In Singapore To Usher In Year 2017

Lohei: the best time to “accidentally” spill food on that nosy aunty, all in the name of festivity. Tossing Yusheng (raw fish salad) metaphorically welcomes a prosperous year and families in Singapore un-tiresomely do so year after year. Painstakingly sifting through restaurants’ refreshing, fancy, weird, opulent etc. creations, we’ve listed our 7 most-loved Yusheng for […]

5 Ridiculously Good Chicken Wings From Local Eateries In Singapore For Christmas Potluck

If you’re always eyeing for the last piece of chicken wing, well, join the club. Not sure what makes chicken wings so sexy – the mind-blowing combo of smoky char and juiciness or the (literally) finger-licking fried, crisp goodness – but we’re gently reminding you to bring a ton of chicken wings for your upcoming […]

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