Spice Brasserie Unveils A New Asian Street Food Buffet Dining Concept!

Posted on 17 February 2020

Spice Brasserie, a name synonymous for Asian-Style buffet spread has unveiled a brand-new dining concept and now offers the best of Asian Street Food with a twist. Wanna hear more? Well, we are here to tell you all about it!

It’s time for you to travel around Asia in the most unique and tastiest way possible. Not only will you get to have some of the most mouth-watering dishes but the newly revamped restaurant is also very inviting. The new look is influenced by the rich heritage of the Little India neighbourhood the restaurant is located in. The fresh welcoming interior boasts a sleek, light wood decor which can serve up to 300 people. The restaurant encompasses a perfect environment for a cosy dining experience for buffet-loving couples, family gatherings and even corporate dining.

Live Stations

The sensational buffet focuses on the delightful, world famous and beloved Asian street food with a Spice Brasserie twist. The chef, Robert Chan and his culinary team consisting of individuals from countries; namely Malaysia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, and of course, Singapore demonstrate special innovative twists and additions to the well known and some lesser-known varieties of street food dishes from all across Asia. The extensive buffet line features four outstanding live stations; namely Charcoal Grill, Tandoor, Asian Salad Bar and Teppanyaki Ice Cream.

Black Char Siew

Charcoal Grill
Charcoal grill is ubiquitous when one talks about Asian street food. The restaurant makes use of a custom-made charcoal grill to cook meat together with claypot dishes. The shiny juicy meats and aroma inducing selection is definitely going to make you a lot more hungrier than you were. The highlight of this station for us was the Black Char Siew. A perfect crispy crackle is what you’ll feel with your first bite. Next, you’ll experience the tender and soft meat which goes devilishly well with the secret sauce concocted by the team. The sweet and savoury flavour of the sauce along with the sticky caramelised skin offer a playground of texture. The only thing you are left with after tasting this dish is a smoky aftertaste and the urge to have more of it.
Another must-try dish is the Broken Rice Claypot Porridge which is cooked in batches on the charcoal grill producing a light umami broth which is then topped with a generous serving of white clams, barramundi and oysters. Other dishes you can take pleasure in are BBQ Carrot Cake, Saltwater Grilled Barramundi, Barbecued Marinated Leg of Lamb and Crispy Roast Pork Belly Roll. A Spicy Cinnamon Honey Pineapple is grilled to perfection which proves to be a great accompaniment to these succulent meats.


Often referred to as the heart and soul of an Indian kitchen, Tandoor is widely used in cooking some of the favourite dishes among locals. Seeing as how the restaurant is situated in the heart of the Little India neighbourhood, a tandoor buffet live station is a befitting tribute. The station offers depth of flavour with various traditional naans’ and features the culinary team’s creation of Squid Ink Naan. This unique naan and other flatbreads are a delight when paired with tandoori items and honest-to-goodness sides such as Butter Chicken, Gobi(Cauliflower) Manchurian and more. So, if you are in a mood for a tandoori charcoal affair then this section is an ideal choice for you.

Asian Salad Bar

If your new year resolution is to eat healthy or include some greens on your plate then Spice Brasserie has something for you too. Salad lovers will love this DIY salad bar which offers unique ingredients which provide taste along with wholesomeness. The bar also includes superfoods like quinoa and kale. Street foods such as Kimchi, Japchae Noodles and Braised Tau Kwa can be used to form the salad base. For condiments you can choose from Shrimp Floss and Crispy Soya Beans with dressings of Chinese Peanut Butter, Soy Oriental and Mala. As much as they taste amazing and are good for your body the real fun is watching the chef chop up ingredients and toss them right before your eyes.

Teppanyaki Ice Cream

Teppanyaki Ice Cream? Yes, you read that right! We are aware that ice cream isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘teppanyaki.’ Teppanyaki usually involves a hot metal plate, but at this live station the plate used is cold and thus you can see the chef transform a liquid batter into a solid ice cream flavour of your choice. The station showcases specials such as Piña Colada Ice Cream and Matcha with Azuki Beans and Mochi on top of customisable options. The diners also get to choose from an array of topping essentials like chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows and cereal. End your buffet experience on a sweet note with this rare teppanyaki ice cream live station.

Seafood On Ice

Other Delights
Aside from the four captivating live stations the buffet also features seafood on ice, selection of sashimi, freshly made crackers and dips.

Saigon Pancake

Lesser-known street food dishes such as Saigon Pancake are also featured. The pancake is stuffed with shrimp, beansprouts, leak and a special sauce. Each ingredient brings a distinct texture transforming each bite into a treat.


An appearance without Rojak will be a miss. Spice Brasserie makes sure that you indulge in this delicacy with presenting the diners will multiple toppings such as the ever present bang kuang, along with century egg, pineapple, cucumber and our favourite toasted You Tiao. The crispiness of the you tiao complements the rojak paste unbelievably well. A must try.

Durian Pengat with Sticky Rice

Along with the ice cream people who are craving something more local to satisfy their sweet cravings with will absolutely love the buffets local dessert selection. Diners can indulge in Durian Pengat with Sticky Rice; a twist on the famous Thai dish. The durian flavour comes alive when paired with coconut milk. It is a must try for durian lovers and those who love all things local.

DIY Mua Chee with Peanut Butter and Black Sesame

Another local dessert featured is DIY Mua Chee with Peanut Butter and Black Sesame. Now, we all know the best part, well the second best part of mua chee is getting to cut it up and you get to do just that. And the best part is of course devouring it. So, enjoy the DIY Mua Chee.

DIY Mocktail Section

Add more cheer to your buffet by making a trip to the DIY Mocktail section where you get to have a go at being a bartender and mix your very own unique mocktail. A welcoming addition with any meal, toast to delicious food and to an appetite fulfilling trip across Asia.

So, head on over to Spice Brasserie to indulge in the best of Asian street food with a twist and embark on this culinary journey where the only thing guiding you is your palate and desire to try each and every dish. Quite reasonably priced the buffet will prove to be a delight for food lovers.

Spice Brasserie
181 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208533
Tel: 6428 3160

Asian Street Food with a Twist – Buffet

Mon to Fri – $34 per person
Sat & Sun – $50 per person

Mon to Thurs – $42 per person
Fri to Sun – $60 per person

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