Where To Eat This Month

Where to Eat and What to Eat?

Always cracking your head wondering where to eat or
what to eat for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper?


Where to Eat in Singapore Deal-icious Guide gives you no more frustration about where to eat or what to eat for your breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper when you sign up with us and connect with us. As a new member, you get the privilege of buying the best value for money food in town with best promotion prices. So, stop waiting and start acting! Get your free dining voucher when you sign up with WhereToEat Singapore Deal-icious Guide now, and enjoy amazing benefits at www.wheretoeat.com.sg.

Where to Eat in Singapore Deal-icious Guide 

Food Promotion

Get the best value for money food and friendliest services in town with amazing daily promotions, offers, deals and discounts.

Food Review

Join the latest food buzz as our team of foodies share their dining experiences through reviews and recommendations.

Food Guide

Check out the informative guide to restaurants serving halal food, healthy food, local food and other cuisines.

Our team of food enthusiasts is constantly running the streets, corners and curbs to find the best value for money food in town – to save you from the trouble of doing so yourself. As a result, we are also able to share with you some of the best food experiences we have encountered during our food journeys, with best discount offers. Enjoy the benefits that we provide by checking out our attractive food promotions that are updated weekly with new offers, deals and discounts.

Dedicated to offering the only the best, we make available intricate food reviews for you to read before you partake on your food journey. Get the latest insights on what’s cooking or brewing in the some of the best food places in town as we take time to share honest restaurant reviews and food recommendations.

For the adventurous eaters who enjoy discovering new food places on your own – we respect every single one of you, but – just be sure to keep a close watch on our comprehensive food guide, or Deal-icious Guide. The detailed list of food places in town will help you decide from local and foreign cuisines to specific locations and price ranges.

Where to Eat in Singapore Deal-icious Guide helps you identify hawkers, cafes, pubs and restaurants that value quality and authenticity. Eat at the best price with amazing promotions, offers, deals and discounts! From nostalgic hawkers and modish cafes to chic pubs and exclusive restaurants, check out our reviews and recommendations before hitting the streets! Less headache to wonder where to eat and what to eat now!

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