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Posted on 09 November 2020
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When one thinks of Taiwanese Porridge restaurants in Singapore, one name stands above all, the Goldleaf Restaurant. Founded in 1971, Goldleaf was the first restaurant in Singapore to offer Taiwanese Porridge. And for nearly 50 years, the restaurant has been serving many classic and innovative mouth-watering dishes that ensure authentic flavours and tastes. Now located at Katong Square, they bring along their rich history, nostalgia, and long-held tradition of homely, simple, welcoming, and comforting Chinese Taiwanese cuisine. So, we were more than excited to pay a visit to this iconic restaurant and savour some delicious and hearty food.

Sweet Potato Porridge
We ordered ourselves a piping hot pot of Taiwanese style Sweet Potato Porridge which can easily be shared among a group of people. The chunks of sweet potatoes add a subtle sweetness to it and seeing as the porridge is the star of the show it was time to order an array of classic and some new supporting dishes to truly get this culinary show going. Currently, the restaurant is offering a 1-For-1 Main Dish Promo, so you can easily try some new dishes you’ve never had before and who knows they might just become one of your favourites.

Oyster Mee Sua
First up we tried the Oyster Mee Sua. This is one of those classic Taiwanese dishes that the restaurant has become a household name for, and rightfully so. Every strand of the mee sua was coated with that thick gooey broth that is flavour-packed yet not too overpowering. The oysters were slightly fishy but nonetheless were really plump and fresh. The dish perfectly brings a touch of Taiwan right to the table. Easily one of our best dishes of the evening and one we would gladly come back for again and again.
As with porridge, egg dishes are a staple and quintessential comfort food, so we tried the Omelettes. The restaurant offers 3 types, but we only tried the two namely; Omelette with Chye Por (preserved radish) and Omelette with Luncheon Meat.

Omelette with Chye Por (preserved radish)
Omelette with Chye Por is one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. The fluffy omelette had generous fillings of chye por which weren’t too salty and brought out the fragrance of the egg really well. The nice crisp outer layer went perfectly well with the creamy insides deliciously and this combination of various textures was just gorgeous.

Omelette with Luncheon Meat
Omelette with Luncheon Meat was equally amazing with its beautiful golden crust which once you cut into turns out to be a perfectly cooked egg dish. The texture was dense and fluffy, with a generous and tasteful filling of luncheon meat.

French Beans with Olives
Now, it was time to try some veggies and we had two variations.
French Beans with Olives; The olives gave a burst of umami flavour to the slightly crunchy French beans that we loved to pair with a mouthful of porridge. Definitely gives a homely feel while savouring it.

Broccoli with Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
The other was Broccoli with Vegetarian Oyster Sauce. Both these dishes are the perfect example of simple and familiar dishes done wonderfully that also go really well with other dishes. Even people who aren’t very fond of vegetables should give these dishes a go and relish its magnificent flavours.

Asahi Beer – Bucket of 5@$35!
The upcoming three dishes we tried hold no surprise in the way they pair scrumptiously with the porridge. But, they also make for some finger-lickin’ quick bites for those nights when you just want to hang out with your friends. And to make it even more special you can take advantage of the restaurant’s Asahi Beer Promo and get a bucket of 5 at just $35.

Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken; Come on, who can ever go with ordering a plate of Crispy Chicken Wings? One bite of these fried, crispy, tender, and succulent goodness and you won’t be able to put the plate down.

Flower Clams
Next up we had the Flower Clams. Although the restaurant offers two types, we opted for sambal flavour. The clams were fresh whose flavour further enhances with the tangy, spicy and pungent sambal sauce.

Mala Chicken
As mentioned earlier, the restaurant not only does classic dishes but regularly adds new ones to their menu as well. One such dish we tried was the Mala Chicken. A must-have for spicy food lovers, each bite isn’t short of heat, numbness and offers authentic Sichuan flavours. Not only does this spicy goodness cut through the sweet flavour of the porridge but it also tantalises the tastebuds that can only be soothed with a gulp of a beer.

Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables
For when you want to indulge in the heavy, hard-hitting flavours, then look no further than the Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables. Any true lover of Taiwanese food knows that any meal without this dish is incomplete. This signature dish boasts robust flavours richly reamed with fat and offers ultimate comfort. The tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork was nicely seasoned and coated with the sauce which goes well with the salty touch brought by preserved vegetables. The bliss of savoury meatiness with a spoonful of porridge makes this a must-try dish.

Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Egg
The restaurant offers two types of steamed pork belly namely; Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Egg and Steamed Pork Belly with Salted Fish. We tried the former one and were amazed to find the patty so smooth and chewy. One of the most classic dishes to go with porridge, the soft minced pork patty was juicy, succulent and bursting with pork flavour. The saltiness of the salted eggs in the middle enhances the overall flavour of the dish.

Fish Slices with Sweet and Sour Sauce
It was time to taste some more seafood with Fish Slices with Sweet and Sour Sauce. The dish adds the nuances and layers of creating a robust flavour disposition. The batter doesn’t make the fish dry after frying and brings together the addictive complex, sophisticated flavours of wonderfully ambrosial sweet and sour sauce.

3-Cup Chicken with Basil Leaves
No Taiwanese meal is complete without having to try one of the most well-known dishes, San Bei Chicken or as it is listed in the menu, 3-Cup Chicken with Basil Leaves. Braised chicken with basil and Chinese wine, the dish is suitable for those who want something lighter on the palate. Served in a glorious and burning claypot serving, the aromatic fragrance of sesame oil basil leaves and dried chilli are sure to make your tastetude salivate. The chicken was tender, very well cooked and moist within. So, give this unique delight a go and relish it’s unique otherworldly flavours.

After tasting a variety of heartwarming and soul stirring dishes, we can definitely say that we were left fully satisfied. If you crave some good ol’ fashioned Taiwan Porridge, and some classic dishes, head on down to Goldleaf and indulge in its rich history, bold comforting flavours, and homely feeling.

Restaurant NameGoldleaf Restaurant
Contact No.6346 1088
Address88 East Coast Rd, #01-05/06/07 Katong Square, Singapore 423371
Opening HoursMon-Thurs: 11:30am to 10pm
Fri-Sun: 11:30am to 10:30pm
Promotion Pricing1-For-1 Main Dish (For Dine-in only)
Asahi Beer - Bucket of 5@$35!