Frog Meat Fish Head: A Seafood Extravaganza That Brings The Heat!

Posted on 13 September 2023
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When we think about a seafood feast, we often gravitate towards fresh seafood, seafood buffets, and our beloved Singaporean hawker fare. But Frog Meat Fish Head offers a refreshing new take on seafood, challenging the norms and delighting both spice enthusiasts and those who prefer milder flavours with a diverse menu! Located in Chinatown, here are the most unforgettable dishes that we tried.

Frog Meat Fish Head Signature Spicy Pot
Frog Meat Fish Head Signature Spicy Pot
The Frog Meat Fish Head Signature Spicy Pot was a true seafood lover’s dream, featuring tender frog meat, fish and fish head. The large frog meat stole the spotlight with its silkiness and bouncy texture, absorbing all the fiery, flavour-packed sauce like a sponge. The fish was so fresh that it exhibited little to no fishiness. As we indulged in the dish, we realised that it was easy to feel overwhelmed by the same flavour. That was until we found several salted vegetables that not only gave us respite from the intense heat but also whetted our appetites. It was a clever touch that had our chopsticks reaching for more.

Dry Pot Bullfrog
Dry Pot Bullfrog
We initially thought Sichuan restaurants like Frog Meat Fish Head mainly featured intensely spicy dishes. Imagine how surprised we were when we tried their Dry Pot Bullfrog. The bullfrog, fried to perfection, was crispy and crunchy and generously coated in a savoury-sweet sauce with just a small hint of heat. The dish also had thick knotted kelp, sweet potato glass noodles and potato slices which provided a delightful textural contrast. Our friends with milder palates were all smiles as they savoured this dish and even ordered beers to pair with it. For those seeking a less fiery option, this is a must-try.

Dry Pot Mala Crayfish
Dry Pot Mala Crayfish
A staple in almost every Sichuan cuisine, the Dry Pot Mala Crayfish never fails to satisfy the most passionate of mala enthusiasts. With fresh crayfish from Hubei coated in a spicy, fragrant sauce and just the right amount of oil, each bite was a lip-smacking experience that had the perfect balance of heat and numbness. There were also cucumbers submerged in the sauce, which retained their refreshing crunchiness and added a sweet contrast to the fiery dish.

After savouring these dishes, we are sure to say that our experience has undoubtedly expanded our perspective on Sichuan cuisine, proving that it extends far beyond the realm of Mala dishes. There’s something for everyone, from the boldest spice enthusiasts to those seeking milder delights. So, if you’re looking to break away from the ordinary and explore a new seafood venture that goes beyond the usual fare, Frog Meat Fish Head is the place for your next gathering with friends and family!

Restaurant NameFrog Meat Fish Head 美娃鱼头
Contact No.6226 0986
Address5 Mosque St
Singapore 059485
Opening HoursMon – Sun 11:00am – 2:00am