Can’t Get Enough Of Bubble Teas? These 11 Brands Are Here To WOW You!

Posted on 10 March 2020

To say that Bubble Tea shops in Singapore are everywhere, won’t be a false statement. You can spot them at MRT stations, hawker centres, malls and any place else you can think of. One might say that too much of a good thing can be excessive but, then again they probably haven’t tried Bubble Tea. With so many various international brands coming through, there is no sign of the bubble tea craze dwindling down. Moreover, this exciting competition and love of bubble tea has been well complemented with creative new concoction of many innovative bubble teas. So, here we are at the beginning of another decade and the Bubble Tea craze is still going strong. In the spirit of our perpetual love of them we are here to tell you about the 10 bubble tea shops that are still wowing their customers.

1. The Whale Tea
Whale, Whale, Whale, what do we have here? What we have is a really popular bubble tea chain from China, The Whale Tea. With over 500 outlets in China, this bubble tea chain is fairly new to the Singapore Bubble Tea scene. However, before you decide to pay a visit, you might just want to free up some space on your phone. With 6 different tea series to choose from, you’d be surprised as to how many of those drinks are Insta-worthy (Hint: All of them). And perhaps none more than the Flaming Brown Sugar, which got the China internet going all crazy. Another head-turning drink is the Volcanic Sapphire Whale from the Volcanic Collagen Series. This popular beverage has already made some waves due to its distinct symphony of blue, white and amber layers. Folks at Whale tea are able to achieve this striking blue colour by their innovative use of the blue-green algae superfood; Spirulina. Combined with coconut milk and amber peach jelly, this drink is creamy with a sweet tang which makes it a delight to taste. Some of the other flavours worth trying from other series are Blue Crystal Milk, Orca Milk Tea, Passion Fruit Lava and Strawberry Cheezo Milk. So, Whale you go and try their Flaming Brown Sugar?

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2. Playmade by 丸作
Some might say that “bubbles or pearls” are a sidekick to the “tea”. Well, at Playmade by 丸作, pearls not only take the centerstage but also come in various colours and flavours. This Taiwanese brand offers 4 different handmade pearls: namely Pink Cactus Pearls, Black Sesame Pearls, Burnt Caramel Pearls and Chrysanthemum Pearls (yes, this seasonal pearl made it to the permanent menu). The process of making these pearls is on full view of the customers as each shop has a live pearl making station. The pink cactus pearl is made from the pulp of the Penghu, pink cactus which is only found in Taiwan and adds a distinct & bright look when added to their drinks. The black sesame pearls have a nutty flavour as they are made with crushed black sesame seeds which pair well with the Brown Rice Sencha. As for the Burnt caramel pearls, it is an all-rounder which complements any of their drinks just like pink cactus. The chrysanthemum pearls are made with real chrysanthemum flowers which gives them a nice hint of chrysanthemum and we feel it further enhances the taste of Chrysanthemum Milk Tea. So, make your way down to your nearest store and give their signature drinks such as Taiwan Milk Tea, Honey Green Tea and the exclusive Pink Cactus Smoothie a try. Playmade by 丸作, also frequently introduces limited seasonal pearl flavours as well. In the past, flavours such as mala pearls, wasabi pearls & peanut pearls have been well received. We wonder what next pearl flavour they will come up with!

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3. Tiger Sugar
Brown Sugar Boba Milk! Ah yes, the drink that captivated the minds of all the bubble tea aficionados. Not only the taste, but the manner in which the drink is concocted is truly distinctive. The origin of the shop’s name ‘Tiger’ comes from the stripes that can be seen when the brown sugar syrup and the fresh full cream milk are blended. The contrast created by the syrup against the pale milk can be equated to the striped coat of a Tiger. With such symbolism no wonder this Taiwanese bubble tea chain has garnered fans in Singapore. The other distinctive thing about the shop is their menu. Unlike other bubble tea brands, Tiger sugar has a simple and straightforward menu. To bring you the best quality customers can not customize the ice & sugar levels or the size. So if you are looking for an Instagram worthy drink and amazing taste, then you can’t go wrong with Tiger Sugar.

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4. Chun Yang
Named after a small village in Taiwan which specializes in cultivating tea leaves, Chun Yang has recently opened its second outlet at Orchard Central, with the first outlet being located at Jewel Changi. Blending history with modern flavor, this Taiwanese bubble tea brand offers an array of options to choose from. Chun Yang prouds itself in using only the freshest of ingredients and no artificial flavors. The fresh high quality taste comes through in their must try drink; Cheese Macchiato With Tea. Some of the other must try drinks are Honey Lemon Oolong Tea and Oolong Tea Latte with Pudding. So, head on over to Orchard and relish in the flavors of fresh tea leaves.

Chun Yang Facebook

5. Heytea
Creators of the original “cheese tea”, Heytea is China’s most popular tea brand, and is often referred to as the Starbucks of China. Currently the brand has four stores in Singapore and has seen some of the longest queues for their store openings. Heytea not only boasts an extensive menu but also some of the most quirky flavor combinations such as the alcoholic bubble teas. At present they are offering a limited edition Baileys Boboshake. But, if this is the first time you are hearing about Heytea then their fruit teas which are made from 100% natural fruit juices such as Very Strawberry Cheezo & Orange Bloom will brighten up your day with an in-depth flavor and lingering taste. Also, seeing as they are the original creators of the cheese tea, King Fone Cheezo is a must try. It’s time for you to say hey to Heytea and check out their ever changing “In Season” drinks.

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6. Chicha San Chen
Chicha San Chen opened their flagship store in May 2019, and currently have a number of stores in Singapore with two of them opening within the last week. They have been in the tea industry for over 20 years and even have their own tea mountains in Taiwan. With over 200 stores in Taiwan & China, you know that there has to be something special about their teas. In 2017, the brand’s Dong Ding Oolong Tea was accredited with the Highest International Authority iTQi certification. This prestigious award is equivalent to a Michelin three-star. Another special thing about the brand is that they are the only ones in Singapore who make use of a special “Teapresso machine” which brews each cup of tea to order. Some of their popular drinks include Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk and Fruit Tea. Moreover, the customers not only get to customize their sugar & ice levels but every single element of the tea. And we mean everything from the tea bases, to flavors to toppings. You can have your very own unique custom made tea. So, visit Chicha San Chen to create your own mix of tea or to experience their renowned award winning tea.

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7. Ji Long Tang
Ji Long Tang are the rookie in this Bubble Tea game as it’s only been a month since they have opened their two outlets in Singapore and are poised to open a new one in April. The first thing you notice when you get your drink is their glorious dragon motif which represents the Chinese name ‘Lucky Dragon Hall’. Ji Long Tang uses Okinawa Brown Sugar also known as “Kokuto” which is claimed as the healthiest brown sugar. The brand offers three series namely; Brown Sugar Boba Series, Brown Sugar Tea Series and JLD Dragon Speciality. Make your way down there this weekend and try their signature drinks such as Brown Sugar Boba Thick Milk with Cream and Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese.

8. Xing Fu Tang
Founded in 2018, Xing Fu Tang already has 100 stores globally and 8 in Singapore. What makes Xing Fu Tang so special and different is their stir-fried brown sugar pearls. Importing key ingredients from Taiwan, the outlet makes its bobas-in-house daily using all natural brown sugar with no additives. Another trick they have up their sleeves is topping off their signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk with a dusting of caramelized brown sugar. The smoky deep flavor is very much evident and has to be experienced. Another must-try beverage is the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Grass Jelly wherein the texture of the chewy boba and the softness of the grass jelly offer a delight of textures. As an added bonus this drink is truly Instagrammable. Xing Fu Tang also offers Fresh Milk Series, Perk-Me-Up Series and Frui-Tea Series.

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9. R&B Tea
If this is the first time you are hearing the name R&B Tea and wondering what does a music genre have to do with bubble tea? Don’t fret! R&B Tea happens to be the initials of the owners; Rex and Bruce. For those who are familiar with this bubble tea brand know very well that their Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée is certainly the star drink. The fragrant sweet caramelized brown sugar, soft chewy boba and torched cream cheese on top makes this beverage a flavor and texture filled dimension you absolutely must indulge in. Along with a range of BBT, R&B Tea also offers brewed tea and fruit tea options such as No.23 Oolong, which is their specialty tea blend using Minnan Oolong and Qing Xin Oolong grown on Taiwan’s Dong Ding Mountain, Citrus Power, Devil’s Booster and many more. With over 800 outlets in China and over 25 outlets in Singapore, R&B Tea truly proves to be living up to the hype.

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10. The Alley
Represented by an iconic large antlered deer, The Alley is famous for their signature handcrafted tapioca named “Deerioca”, which is commonly referred to as boba, pearls or bubbles. This meticulous recipe enables the deerioca achieve a better texture and fragrance in comparison with factory produced ones. The famous Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk brings center stage the quality of their signature Deerioca which further elevates the smooth and creamy beverage with its texture. Matcha lovers can find delight in their Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk. The Alley have launched their new Yogurt Series which includes four variations, pairing the tartness of Greek Yogurt and sweet chewy purple rice. So, jump aboard The Alley bandwagon and check out their newly launched beverages.

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11. BoberTea
Ah yes, Bober Tea! Holding it down for Singapore. This local, home-grown brand has now expanded from a single kiosk at the Bishan MRT Station to three outlets. If anything, this indicates their growing popularity and reputation among the bubble tea lovers. This could partly be because this Artisan Tea brand takes on the local flavours with a twist. With seven different series, you are bound to be spoilt with choices. One of our favourites would be the Black Sugar Konjac Jelly Milk Tea as well as the Brown Sugar Créme Brûlée Milk which has a crunchy créme brûlée top layer that perfectly complements the fresh milk (special tip: add in the pearls for an extra texture). Oh, and for all the matcha lovers, their Matcha Latte uses a pure, premium matcha powder which is whisked in a traditional way hence and providing that earthy flavor in every sip. They offer flavours which are unique to Bober Tea. Bober has something for everybody. You like options, they’ve got them. So, head on over and make your choice.

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