7 Auntie Anne’s pretzel flavours to suit your mood

Posted on 15 March 2016

We know you’d love a little sweets now and then. And with any given chance, we would chomp them down without second thoughts. Good for us (and you!) that Auntie Anne’s has these 7 charming pretzel flavours for you to stuff your face with whatever mood you’re in.

Cheesy Turkey
Literally ‘Cheesy’ Mood
“You must have been really tired today because you’ve been running in my mind all night.” When you feel an uncanny fondness of cheesy pick-up lines all day long, it’s probably time to pick up an unforgiving melted cheese and savoury turkey ham pretzel to match your mood.
Cinnamon Sugar
Pre-Holiday Mood
The occasional gorgeous glistening across the pretzel and its warm toasty taste could almost trick you into hearing sleigh bells ringing and the familiar tune of “jingle bells, jingle bells…”
It’s A Love/Hate Day
Had a big fight with your beloved SO? Can’t seem to vent the frustration because nobody understands how you really feel? Go for the almond flavoured pretzel that can rekindle the flames of your relationship with the bittersweet almond flakes atop bouncy pretzel.
Green Tea
Cheating Detox Mood
Robust green tea powder with subtle sweet vanilla undertone sprinkled onto warm, pillowy pretzel… Oh sorry, did you say you were on a clean-eating week? Cheat a little with the (seemingly) healthier Green Tea Pretzel!
Zesty Rozelle
Romantic Spring Mood
Spring doesn’t necessarily mean flowers, sweet, and well, flowers. Pack a punch of spring power with the rich tarty flavour of Zesty Rozelle Pretzel.
Parmesan Cheese
I-Feel-Italian Day
Mamma mia! Deliziosissima! Feeling a tad Italiano today? For Italians, cheese is true love. Be an Italian: tear off a piece of chewy dough, dip it in warm cheese dip and fall in love.
Chocolate Eclair
Feeling Like I’m-In-A-Fairytale-Mood
The humble eclair would strike a nostalgic nerve, and here it sports a newer update. Replacing airy pastry is firm and chewy twists. Like Alice In The Wonderland, it’s wistful, whimsical, dreamy and bittersweet.

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