7 YuSheng In Singapore To Usher In Year 2017

Posted on 17 January 2017

Lohei: the best time to “accidentally” spill food on that nosy aunty, all in the name of festivity. Tossing Yusheng (raw fish salad) metaphorically welcomes a prosperous year and families in Singapore un-tiresomely do so year after year.

Painstakingly sifting through restaurants’ refreshing, fancy, weird, opulent etc. creations, we’ve listed our 7 most-loved Yusheng for your indulgence this 2017.

#1 Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Abalone and Salmon Yusheng with Shredded Yam, Shredded Sweet Potato, and Dragon Fruit Dressing
(B) $138.00 / (S) S$98.00

Finally, something other than plum or yuzu sauce. Basically, everything else is pretty standard except for the vibrant-coloured dragon fruit dressing that will attribute to a visually astounding Yusheng.

​​Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
317 Outram Road, Holiday Inn Atrium
Singapore 169075
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

#2 Peach Blossoms
Mixed Fruits Salmon Yusheng from Peach Blossoms
(S) $88.00 / (B) $128.00

With exotic fruits comes a refreshing Yusheng from Marina Mandarin. From sacchariferous jackfruit to tangy kiwi fruit, the colours elude you to forget that you’re not eating just any vegetarian Yusheng.

​​Peach Blossoms
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

#3 Yan
Signature Yellowtail Fish Yusheng with Golden Flake in Shun De Style

If you need something to impress, Yan Cantonese Cuisine prepares a stunning Yusheng with premium ingredients like fresh Yellowtail slices and golden flakes. Drizzled with soya sauce and peanut oil, the fried vermicelli base would be a stark difference from the rest.

1 St Andrew’s Road, Nation Gallery
Singapore 178957

#4 Empress
Smoked Salmon & Silver Bait Yu Sheng
(s) $48.00/ (M) $68.00/ (L) $98.00

Yusheng with a nice subtle western twist, garnished with smoked salmon & silver bait. Despite the unorthodox ingredients, this would undoubtedly be fitting for most modern tastes. A well thought-out concept, evident with every bite.

1 Empress Place, #01-03 Asian Civilisations Museum
Singapore 179555

#5 Sakae Sushi
Longevity Set
$59.88 for Salmon $72.00 for Abalone

A staple for Japanese cuisine, fresh Norwegian-flown salmon slices or plump Australian Jumbo abalone are included in Sakae Sushi’s Yusheng. Check out their delivery platters with their YuSheng for a hearty and fuss-free Chinese New Year gathering.

Sakae Sushi
Various outlets across Singapore.
Find your nearest one here
Or check out their platter here

#6 Peony Jade
Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Rooster-shaped Yu Sheng

Evidently the year of the Rooster has arrived at Peony Jade Clarke Quay. Lo Hei in style with this gluten-free Yusheng that features Norwegian salmon slices and poached Australian two-head golden abalone.

Peony Jade
3 River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay
Singapore 179020

#7 Wan He Lou
Prosperity Abalone “Lo Hei” with XO sauce and Chinese Pear
(B) $68.80++/ (S) $38.80++

Strips of Chinese pear brings out the XO sauce that’s generously doused upon this Prosperity Abalone Yusheng. “Lo-ed” well and you’d get a balance of crunchiness and complexity with every bite.

​​Wan He Lou
65 Maude Road

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