Krispy Kreme Grand Opening

Posted on 15 October 2013

The Wait Is Over For Singapore Krispy Kreme!

WhereToEat Singapore is honoured to be invited to witness the Singapore Krispy Kreme Grand Opening on 12th October at Tangs Orchard!

Just. Look at the queue! A total of 428 Krispy Kreme fans showed up to get their hot doughnuts within 3 hours of the store’s opening!


The grand opening kickstarted with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Mr Jeffrey Bruce Welch, President of Krispy Kreme International, Mr Peter King, Vice President of Krispy Kreme International, Asia Pacific, and proud Krispy Kreme Singapore Franchise Owner Mr Andy Chow, who is also the CEO of Star 360 Holdings. Followed by the awards ceremony of the coveted Golden, Silver and Bronze Tickets.

The lucky winner of Golden Ticket, Mr Ng Weily, 41, had queued since 11am on Friday, even though he never tasted Krispy Kreme before! While winner of Silver Ticket, Faith Lee, 12, had her loving mother accompany her throughout her nightlong queue, as a gesture of reward for having studied so hard for her PSLE!

Now, guess what winner of Bronze Ticket, Sunnie Genevieve Ong, 15, intends to do with her weekly supply of hot doughnuts? She intends have some friends come together… Not to eat the doughnuts. But to distribute the them to needy old folks and children, every week! What a sweet thought, way to go!

For the record, Krispy Kreme made 4,000 dozens of doughnuts in anticipation of the demand on Saturday! That’s a total of 48,000 doughnuts distributed at the sit-in cafe over the weekend! Gosh!


So! If you’re wondering what the doughnut and beverage range and prices are, click on this link with infographic. For a little more history about Kripsy Kreme, click on this link with infographic.

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