Rejoice with Re!Fill Restaurant’s new Weekend Brunch!

Posted on 05 September 2014

“Saturday morning… jumped out of bed, and put on my best suit. Got in my car, and raced like a jet, all the way to you.” The lyrics for Magic’s Rude are apt for Hotel Re!’s new mouthwatering Weekend Brunch Menu! But first, what is Hotel Re! ?

Boutique hotels are all the rage nowadays, setting themselves apart from the standard hotel chains by having distinctive themes and decor. Hotel Re! is a retro-themed boutique hotel in Singapore, located at Pearl’s Hill, just a stone’s throw from Chinatown and Clarke Quay.

We made a visit to this funky hotel! This 140-room boutique hotel is furnished with psychedelic colours that are tempered with a sleek modern touch. With seven room categories ranging from family, deluxe and themed suites, you will be spoilt for choice whether you are on a staycation or a vacation.

Now, a look at where we would be spending most of our time in… The Re!Fill Restaurant!

Our stomachs began to growl- we didn’t have breakfast! Which is why we were glad to plunge right into Re!Fill Restaurant’s newly launched Weekend Brunch set!

The Weekend Brunch Set is a new offering that is available exclusively on weekends, from 10am to 2pm. The menu is created by Chef William Ang, the Executive Chef for Hotel Re! Pte Ltd. With over 40 years of culinary experience, Chef William is also the President of Society of Professional Chef, Singapore. He has also won many accolades, and was the Chief Organiser of Singapore record breaking events like the Singapore Longest Satay (2007) and Singapore Tallest and Biggest Ice Kachang (2006).

This is Chef William, looking dapper!

Let’s take a look at the 5 newly launched weekend creations!

1. Jean’s Classic Breakfast
Every restaurant has its signature dish, and Re!Fill does not disappoint. This classic breakfast set includes golden, crispy hash browns, chicken sausages, baked beans, toasted bread in truffle oil, as well as crispy turkey bacon. You get to choose how you would like your eggs done- poached, scrambled or sunny-side up! This set also comes with sauteed portobello mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. This meal may sound like a lot, but we found that the portion was just right for one person. Plus, once you had a taste, we don’t think you would want to share the set with anybody. 😉

Jean’s Classic Breakfast
Hotel Re! – Jean’s Classic Breakfast

2. Eileen’s Salmon Bagel
Yum yum, we love bagels! This bagel is nicely toasted, and not too hard when you bite into it. The highlight of this set would be the homemade sauce – a zesty lemon cream spread that livens up the entire entree. Perky, but not overwhelming, the cream sauce blends very well with the bagel, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and grilled tomatoes, giving an overall harmonious taste. Delicious!

Eileen’s Salmon Bagel
Hotel Re! – Eileen’s Salmon Bagel

3. Cherie’s Slipper Lobster Croissant
We were quite excited to be trying this lobster brunch set! The croissant was golden and crispy- just the way we like it. With every bite, we could taste the freshly grilled slipper lobster, chopped celery, chives, and tomatoes in Japanese dressing. A refreshing taste combination. And what? This meal comes with truffle fries? Awesome!

Cherie’s Slipper Lobster Croissant
Hotel Re! – Cherie’s Slipper Lobster Croissant

4. Daphne’s Egg-citing Benedict
Do you like Eggs Benedict? If you’re like us, you might even have tried to cook them on your own at home. (We tried and failed. Miserably.) Chef William cooks a mean Eggs Benedict though! And tops them with an irresistible cream sauce. Enjoy this with a generous dollop of turkey ham or smoked salmon, and sauteed mushrooms,grilled tomatoes and mesclun salad by the side. The poached eggs rest upon toasted English muffins, so you do not have to worry about not being full.

Daphne’s Egg-citing Benedict
Hotel Re! – Daphne’s Egg-citing Benedict

5. Chris’s BeRe!Licious Pancake
This one is for all the sweet tooths out there. This 3 tier pancakes are drenched in chocolate and strawberry sauce, and topped with clusters of raspberries and strawberries! That makes every bite refreshing and full of flavour. If you do not like chocolate, you can request to change your sauce to maple syrup and butter too! Great if you love pancakes or desserts, or both!

Chris’s BeRe!Licious Pancake
Hotel Re! – Chris’s BeRe!Licious Pancake

Verdict: The new menu is delicious and promising, and the price is reasonable for the ingredients used! We could recommend this especially for people who want to have a nice weekend brunch away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace, in a quiet and calming atmosphere in Re!Fill Restaurant.

Note: Re!Fill Restaurant serves no pork and no lard.

So if you’re looking for a new place to try for a lunch date, pop by Re!Fill Restaurant and have a satisfying start to the weekend. What better way to enjoy the weekend than with good food and company?

For the month of September 2014, enjoy a special promotion of 20% off all 5 main courses of the weekend menu at Re!Fill Restaurant!

Hotel Re!
Re!Fill Restaurant
175A Chin Swee Road S169879

For reservations, call 6827 8226, SMS 9111 7137, or e-mail

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