Irvins, From the Creators of Viral Snacks Comes New Concept – Irvins Messy Kitchen!

Posted on 15 January 2020
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Irvins! The first thing that you thought of was probably their famous and beloved salted egg flavoured fried fish skin snacks. if you didn’t then have you been living under a rock? Go get some right now! Anyways, guess what? They are back with a new concept just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations and when most of us will be getting some time off! Irvins new concept is Irvins Messy Kitchen! People who know them since back when Irvins was a humble cze char restaurant in River Valley in 2008 where the salted egg potato chips first happened (thank god for that) know that Irvins used to serve their salted egg sauce with various meats. If you missed it back then, well, here’s your chance.

You can experience Irvins Messy Kitchen at their food kiosk from today onwards where they will be offering Irvins Messy Bowl which are branded as the perfect takeaway meal providing customers with quick and satisfying Cze Char inspired takeaway bowls. Customers get to choose from three different types of bases namely Salted Egg Rice, Truffle Rice and Truffle Noodles which can be paired with either Chicken, Prawn or Clam. Irvins also offers an option to upgrade your messy bowls with more rice, more meat, add on egg in the form of sous vide or hard boiled. And for all the health conscious folks out there, don’t fret Irvins offers brown rice as well. So, you can switch to brown rice and feel no guilt whatsoever. Munch on some sides such as Salted Egg Fries, Salt & Pepper Chicken & Salt & Pepper Calamari and sip along some Lime Juice and Green Tea as well. And to end it all indulge in some Coconut Mango Pudding.

Salted Egg Rice

Crafted by head chef Heng Yong Chua we were fortunate enough to try three versions of messy bowls. First up was the chef’s choice Salted Egg Rice Bowl which was paired with chicken. Before we even mix it all up you can see all the ingredients except the rice which is the base of the dish. Main ingredients include fried chicken, potato strips, kai lan stems, kai lan strips and an egg. The star of the show, which is the Salted Egg Sauce, is presented in a separate plastic container. Now that we’ve had our visual fill it’s time to get messy. Cap it, shake it and all set to dig in!

With all the various ingredients the texture of the dish is well balanced, in one bite you can taste the well marinated juicy fried chicken along with crunchy kai lan stem and ever loved potato strips. Once you pour in the salted egg sauce, the dish turns into what it’s always meant to be, a delicious flavoursome party. As a polite reminder if you are not a fan of a bit of damp rice bowl, then you can individually add a little spoonful of sauce once at a time. The generous chunks of chicken and salted sauce make the dish quite filling and surprisingly the saltiness is not too jelak.

Truffle Noodles with Clam
Truffle Noodles with Clam

The second bowl we tried was Truffle Noodles with Clam which included fried onion, spring onion, crunchy bits, silverfish and an egg. The noodles themselves are a unique mix of ebiko noodles. The noodles were soft, not too salty and the texture and feel was perfect for our palate. Do consume it while it’s hot as that enhances the flavour and feel of the noodles while retaining their original texture, so make sure to consume the dish as soon as you get it. The addition of fried onion and crunchy bits add a crispy texture to the dish which complements really well with the soft oozing egg and chewy pieces of clam. If you are looking for a new twist to your noodles then this messy bowl is an ideal choice for you.

Truffle Rice Messy Bowl with Prawns
Truffle Rice Messy Bowl with Prawns

Last but definitely not the least we had the Truffle Rice Messy Bowl with Prawns. Accompanied with the same ingredients as the truffle noodles, this bowl was our favourite. The texture was ever so soft and the fragrance of the truffle wasn’t even slightly overwhelming. The crunchy bits and crispy fried onions will make this bowl a delight for the “crunch sound” hearing lovers. Another commendable thing is the generous serving of prawns which for the relative price of the bowl is truly a surprise and delightful. Although mixed together, all the ingredients hold their own and bring a distinctive feel and flavour to the bowl.

Add on the sides to these messy bowls along with your preferred drink and you have a perfect takeaway meal made to make you feel full for hours. Do not forget to end this messy affair on a sweet note with the Coconut Mango Pudding where the coconut certainly brings out the flavour of mango and enhances it with adding the touch of richness in the pudding.

So, go on ahead and show some love to the dangerously addictive Irvins Messy Bowls from our very own home based viral snacks creators, Irvins and experience maximum shiok-ness! To add onto your excitement you, our lovely readers get 10% off using the promo code getmessywWTE. We always look out for your best interests!

*Available from 17 January 2020 to 25 January 2020
*(you can get the Irvins Messy Bowls from today onwards, 17 Jan is just the official opening date)

Restaurant NameIrvins Messy Kitchen
Address435 Orchard Road,
#B1-59, Wisma Atria,
Singapore 238877
Opening HoursDaily: 10.00am to 9.00pm
PricingSalted Egg Rice: $11.50
Truffle Rice: $10
Truffle Noodles: $10
Promotion PricingLimited time only, 10% off using promo code