Top 5 Recommended Food at Sims Vista Hawker

Posted on 28 October 2016

Tucked meekly in between blocks of residential blocks at Aljunied and Geylang lies a popular hawker centre drenching with praises. So we did a little diggin’ and checked out what to eat at Sims Vista Market and Food Centre. Common fanfare from the working class from the office buildings around the area, Sims Vista is packed with good ol’ Singapore hawker favourites such as lunch-essential Jin Feng Fried Bee Hoon & Nasi Lemak Set and chart-topping Liang Kee Ban Mian, evidenced by their everlasting long queue. Besides these esteemed stalls, it’s time for us to reveal the undiscovered gems within! Whether you’re just by the area or a serial hawker fanatic, our top 5 recommended eats would definitely leave you wanting more.

#1 Da Jia Hao Delicacies #01-54

It’s no doubt one would be struck with a deep sense of dilemma while eyeballing the stalls, and as we were doing so, we can’t help but notice several eye-catchingly glistening aluminium wraps on patron’s tables. Naturally, we scouted around and found the source – Da Jia Hao Delicacies signature Emperor Herbal Chicken! Sealed in aluminium wrap, the aroma fills the air when you open it up. With all the goodness locked in, this dish nourishes you from your soul with a savoury herbal taste. Perfect for a chilly day!

#2 合兴板面之家 He Xin Ban Mian Zhi Jia #01-45

Now, now, now. We totally understand why there’d be a snaking queue at this stall in spite of the waiting time (approximately 8-10 minutes per person). Their crispy bite-sized chicken pieces, freshly fried upon ordering, taste amazing with their store-made chilli with a generous amount of heat – what more can we ask for? We are totally in love with the perfect textural combination of the crunchy chicken and the gooey noodles. Lying in a pool of Lor Mee-esque base that’s not too heavy, the noodles are great to slurp alongside with a glass of sugarcane. Definitely something you don’t see everywhere, so do come down and be amazed yourself!

#3 Warong HJH Kamisah #01-13

This is definitely not your average Ayam Penyet. At Warong HJH Kamisah they managed to hit all the right spots, every aspect of the meal was done with skill. From the fragrant and fall-off-the-bone tender chicken to the flavorful soup, Warong HJH Kamisah doesn’t stop there. Special shout out to having keropok in the set and the two different chilli that comes along with it. Ayam Penyet connoisseurs, it’s time to add this to your die-die-must-eat list.

#4 Hollywood Duck Rice #01-73

Famously approved by multiple foodies, Hollywood Duck Rice is well known for its quality and full-bodied flavours. Be prepared to be blown away by the thick flavoursome sauce of the tender duck meat. With strong flavors throughout the tastebud journey, don’t forget the dual-flavoured chili sauce for your dipping pleasure. We recommend you to come with friends and order a whole set for a better experience.

#5 Hock Heng Cooked Food #01-31

Extremely popular among the health-conscious bargain-hunting foodie, each bowl of fish soup with rice or noodles comes with a myriad of thickly sliced fresh-tasting fish. Beware of the long queue during lunch hours though. If you’re looking for something more premium, go for the popular value-for-money seafood soup with a generous amount of fresh ingredients. For a bowl of tasty goodness that is both healthy and savoury, Hock Heng Cooked Food is our favourite way to warm our stomachs by far.

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