Weekend Coffee Overdose

Posted on 24 September 2012

Bettr Week Coffee Crawl 2012 – Organized by Bettr Barista

WhereToEat Singapore has participated in the Bettr Week Coffee Crawl 2012 event organized by Bettr Barista from 15 – 18 September. The weekend of coffee exploration was conducted by 6 Bettr Barista partner cafes. Coffee lovers, such as us, who signed up for it were entitled to enjoy a cuppa of our choice at each of the cafes for “free” – well, only because we paid $25 for registration.

The Bettr Coffee Journey

At our 1st stop, each participant had to collect a coffee kit that include a pocket coffee guide, and Bettr Week button to wear. The coffee guides were used along our journey to attain stamps and read up on short interviews featuring Bettr Barista partner cafes. We kicked off our journey at 10am on Saturday, visiting Jimmy Monkey located at One-North Residences – an environment that was peaceful and away from the city.

We ended our day with an unplanned meal, famous Bak Kut Teh at Rangoon Road. The following day on Sunday, we met up again in the afternoon to complete our last 2 Coffee Crawl stops.

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