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Nara Thai – Bangkok In The Heart Of Singapore

As a fellow Singaporean, you yourself or you’ve heard about traveling to Thailand during the weekend just to shop and eat. When you’re walking on the streets of Thailand, you’ve seen, smelled and tasted the food that came from the hands of civilian chefs who are sweating their life away behind smokes and fires. Sitting […]

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Simply Aroi Thai Restaurant – Aroi Mak Mak

Simply Aroi Thai Restaurant is a month young authentic Thai restaurant serving unique Thai dishes at affordable prices. Situated directly opposite the Subordinate Court, tucked at the back of People’s Park Centre, the restaurant may be hard to locate but easy to do a little celebrity spotting. We were warmly received by the restaurant’s manager […]

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OZ Specialty Coffee – Seasonal Offerings

Situated along Sin Ming Road, OZ Specialty Coffee is a short walk away from the bussier eateries of Upper Thomson Road. It manages to create a serene space enhanced with white flushed walls and few furniture for true simplicity and style. The cafe is also the first to directly import coffee from Pacamara Roasters in […]

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New Green Pasture Cafe

There are more than sixty vegan dishes to choose from the New Green Pasture Cafe, with all of them having different origins and distinctive tastes. We really loved the Charcoal Noodle ($10) and reckon you try it too for its fresh and colourful combination of crunchy vegetables, passionfruit, rice crackers and special handmade creamy sauce, […]

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Signature Stone – Always Sizzling Hot

Why stick to traditional Chinese clay pot when you can have modern fusion stone grill food? Unlike clay pots, stone grills uses a heat retaining stone bowl lightly glazed with oil to create dishes that are healthy, evenly-heated and clean to taste. The result is loose, crisp rice that remains hot to the last spoon, […]

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