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5 Ridiculously Good Chicken Wings From Local Eateries In Singapore For Christmas Potluck

If you’re always eyeing for the last piece of chicken wing, well, join the club. Not sure what makes chicken wings so sexy – the mind-blowing combo of smoky char and juiciness or the (literally) finger-licking fried, crisp goodness – but we’re gently reminding you to bring a ton of chicken wings for your upcoming […]

12 Must-Try Log Cakes In Singapore For Christmas 2016

It’s the season to be jolly, festive vibes all around. With all the gatherings around the corner, log cakes are a definite. Ever wondered why we eat log cakes at Christmas? Back in the day yule logs were used for a source of warmth and light, then slowly popularized and became a symbol of hearth. […]

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