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Posted on 24 February 2014
My Awesome Cafe
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This effortlessly cool cafe at Telok Ayer is helmed by Franck Hardy, former director of various restaurants, cafes and hotels in Singapore and London. It is also the staff entrance of two year young creative agency, Mangham Gaxiola, which just got voted as Top 3 Best Independent Agencies in Asia by Marketing Magazine. The agency is situated on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the cafe – a very New York concept and first of its kind in Singapore – showcasing the perfect blend of creativity and caffeine. Albeit two weeks young, My Awesome Cafe already has an eclectic clientele that frequents for breakfast and after work drinks, but the awful lot of nostalgia the interior brings is as alluring. There are traditional Chinese furniture left behind by the TCM practioners who once operated a clinic in the same unit. Look underneath your tables and you will notice that they are either old 1980s school desks, or antique wooden doors affixed to red rustic metal pipes. Every detail took into consideration and was crafted to fit the rich history of the building, giving the cafe a colonial and laid back vibe that is fitting for that part of Chinatown.

My Awesome Cafe

We spoke with the head barista, Little Dee, who is also the youngest Singaporean barista to date to have joined the World Barista Championship. At just eighteen, she is articulate and knowledgeable about the art of coffee. Our Latte ($4.50) prepared by Little Dee came warm with a nice golden brown crema. We found particular liking in the heavy bodied Sumatran-Columbian-Brazillian coffee blend, with nutty, chocolatey and caramelly notes, that Little Dee reckons is most suited for the local palate.


Come in the morning and according to Franck, you will be served a sweet scented, refreshing and pulpless pineapple fruit shot to kick start your appetite. We also got to taste the rich, soft and smooth Lascar red and white wine from Chile. If you are a fan of Bulldog Gin from London, and classic Mexican or Malaysian Cola ($4.50), you can also get them here. The Mexican Cola is made of pure cane sugar so it is quite the health drink.

My Awesome Cafe Pineapple Shot
Pineapple Shot
Sarsi and Lascar Wine
Sarsi and Lascar Wine

Everyday, the staff would bake their own whole grain bread, Viennois and Rustiguette, and puree their own red pepper and basil pesto dips. We had the dips to try with Free Flow of Breads ($20 pp), and trust us when we tell you the combination is amazing. The breads were baked Asian-style with soft and fluffy textures, while the dips were smooth and delicate with intense flavours.

Red Pepper and Basil Pesto Dip
Free Flow of Bread, Rep Pepper Dip, Basil Pesto Dip

Franck went on to assure us that every item on the menu is specially crafted, and has gone through multiple tests to ensure the reactions of the diners are real positive ones. The Awesome Salad ($14) uses only the freshest vegetables airflown from Australia three times a week. Even the red peppers are scoured from Melbourne and marinated in top quality olive oil to bring out a stronger flavour. Other freshly imported ingredients on the plate include herbs chicken breast, duck rillettes, avocado and tomatoes. If salad is not your thing, try the Herbs Chicken Breast Sandwich ($11).

My Awesome Cafe

The Awesome Salad
The Awesome Salad
Chicken Sandwich
Herbs Chicken Breast Sandwich

Alternatively, try the glazed Quarter Quiche with Salad ($9). Its lightly buttery, crisp and savoury crust held the moist shredded carrot and creamy egg custard well together. This could actually be nutritionally dense, and was easily our most favourite dish on the menu.

Quarter Quiche with Salad
Quarter Quiche with Salad

Handmade to French perfection using 24% specialty French butter, the Croissant ($3) impressed us with its flaky, airy, buttery and soft centre, and crunchy outside. We finished the pastry in a jiffy. Even the Danish Pain Au Raisin ($3.50) had a moist, soft and light texture with slightly-sweet taste – proof that good quality dough and ingredient can produce wonderful end product.

Croissant Pain Au Raisin
Croissant & Pain Au Raisin

My Awesome Cafe is also open for private events. In fact, it already has a fashion show and WIT confirmed in just two weeks of opening. Friendly and fun, this cafe is going to be very successful once the connoiseurs learn about them and their ethical trade. Almost everything and everyone in the cafe has been given a second chance to create new beginnings. There are stories behind how the items and people were pulled together to open My Awesome Cafe. The overall vibe is perfect for the location – halfway between East and West, colonialism and postmodernism. Overalll, we loved it here and highly recommend you check out the awesome cafe if you work or live around Chinatown, or not. Just check it out.

My Awesome Cafe
202 Telok Ayer
Singapore 068630
T: 8428 0102

Opening hours:
7am – 9pm (Mon & Tue)
7am – late (Wed – Fri)
10am – 3pm (Sat & Sun)

Awesome Time (Happy Hour):
5pm – 9pm (Mon – Fri)