Chye Seng Huat Hardware – “To Flourish Again”

Posted on 15 November 2012
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You would probably pay no heed to Chye Seng Huat Hardware, or CSHH, because of its traditional looking exterior. However, if you peek through the opened gates, you will spot a little third wave coffee joint hidden inside. From the same family who brought you Papa Palheta and Loysel’s Toy, CSHH commits itself to brewing the perfect cuppa for all of its customers. Completely furbished with wood furniture, rustic lamps, and steel bars and grills that double up as retail shelves, it is easy to see that this place is made for coffee lovers.

Fortunately, if you are not the coffee lover type but want to visit this place anyway, rest assured you will not be laughed at if you cannot tell latte from cappuccino. At CSHH, you can safely order your coffee in terms of (a blend or a single Origin) espresso and milk or Daily Brew of a seasonal Single Origin coffee.

Because the coffee bar provides a 360 degree view of the baristas at work, we were able to watch how our coffees were carefully crafted. We had a Daily Brew (Hot $5) which was prepared in a sophisticated Macro batch brewer, while the Espresso with Milk (Reg $5.50 / Mini $4) with an espresso machine. Served warm to us, our drinks had textured milk that was silky smooth and decorated with beautiful latte art. Overall, the well-balanced blend delivers a toasty aroma, clean and citrusy taste with nutty undertones – ideal to pair with a hazelnut muffin – pleasing to the senses.

Daily Brew
Piccolo Latte

We had the privilege of trying some of their food items, which I reckon you should too. If Duck Terrine, Pork Rillettes & Parma Ham sounds good to you, then you must try Patrick’s Platter ($16) of good stuff. The meats are rich, delicate, fresh and served with piquant tangy peach sauce on the side that heightens all the sweet flavours.

Patrick’s Platter – Pork Rillettes, Duck Terrine, Parma Ham

For breakfast lovers, try their French Toast with Banana and Strawberry ($7.50) as it is top notch. The fluffy french toast to be exact is soaked in milk or eggs, then fried till slightly crisp on the outside. Complete with freshly chopped bananas and strawberries with warm maple syrup on the side, your sweet tooth will definitely find pleasure in this sugary desert breakfast.

We also recommend Breakfast in a Cup (Changes Daily $8) which was baked eggs on a bed of soft spinach and sliced bacon pieces. The great combination creates a rich broth that is tasty and satiable. On other days, Breakfast in a Cup could be stewed vegetables or ratatouille which we would love to order next time.

Breakfast in a Cup, French Toast w/ Banana & Strawberry

However, if you prefer a savoury dish that can fill your tummy during lunch, try their Chicken Patties with Lime Leaf, Dried- Chili & Coriander ($12.50) served with Thai chili sauce. The chunky chicken patties are juicy and flavourful, and will make a great quick and tasty snack to share.

To have on your own, try their Salami Sandwich with Taleggio Cheese, Olive Paste and Rocket ($10). The dish comes complete with lightly salted chips and fresh leafy greens.

Salami Sandwich w/ Taleggio Cheese, Olive Paste & Rocket, Chicken Patties w/ Lime Leaf, Dried-Chili & Coriander

As we were about to finish our afternoon’s session at the coffee joint, we were invited to try their Galvanized Ale (Half Pint $7.50/ Full Pint $13) which is a combination brew of Jungle Beer and Papa Palheta Terra Firma Blend. Light and bright, the beer perfectly harmonizes two very sophisticated drinks that was easy on the stomach. My companions and I liked it a lot, and would return for more soon.

Galvanized Ale (Half Pint)

If you wish to explore and have some hands on at unique brewing methods and their baristas way of works, sign up for The Annex ($23 Per Pax) that happens every day for 45 mins to an hour only. For the more enthusiastic coffee lovers who want to learn the art of frothing and crafting beautiful latte arts, sign up for their C-Platform ($235 Per Pax) that happens weekly, upstairs of the coffee joint. For more information, visit Papa Palheta’s website at

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563
T: 6396 0609
Opening hours: 9am – 7pm (Tue to Thu)
9am – 10pm (Fri to Sun)
Closed on Mondays