Introducing Spize’s The Croburg – Singapore’s First Buttery Croissant Burger With A Juicy Wagyu Beef Patty!

Posted on 10 February 2020
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Guys, we have something truly special and unique to introduce you to today. We are all familiar with croissants, right? We love em, what’s not there to love? They are buttery, flaky, soft, and oh so fragrant. What is our go to fast food? Burgers. The ever dependable, available and flavourful delights one can devour with complete satisfaction. Now, check this out, the brilliant creative foodie minds at Spize came together and created a Croissant Burger! Yes, you read that right and they are calling it the `Croburg”. The burger is only available till 1 March 2020, exclusively at Spize Temasek Club. First of its kind in Singapore the most buttery croissant-burger features a juicy wagyu patty.

Right then, here are some quick facts about the Croburg!

Forget the typical standard croissant, the Croburg is a croissant like-pastry made with many more layers than your everyday croissant. The extra flaky layers offer even more crispy texture and buttery fragrance. The patty is made from 400 Days Grain Fed Australian Wagyu beef air flown from Melbourne, Australia. The burger is complemented with a comforting sunny side-up egg, truffle aioli, caramelised onions and melted cheddar cheese. A side of curly fries and mesclun salad comes along with the burger. We were fortunate enough to try this amazing new concoction.

Well, first up we were thoroughly impressed with the way the burger looked. The unique folding technique absolutely brings forth the denseness and flavour of the buns. The ‘Rose Croissant’ due to it’s rosette-like shape is really buttery and has an enticing aroma. Made using a premium range of halal flour and french butter, you can expect the crispy and flaky texture of the burger to into your mouth.

The ideal combination of 80% chuck tender and 20% wagyu fat makes the patty succulent and juicy. One can easily feel the chunky meats which fares far better than the highly minced burger patties. The well cooked patty is seasoned with smoke salt which in turn go tastefully well with the caramelised onions, and the two layers of sauces. The sunny side-up egg and the melted cheddar cheese add a complimentary texture to the burger and make it more appetising. Making use of only F1 Australian Wagyu the burger surmounts to be extremely tender. Overall the buttery flavour and the crispy, flaky texture of the buns work really well together with the savoury patty. One complaint we hear a lot when it comes to burgers is that most of the burgers tend to get soggy as the buns start to absorb the sauces, but the Croburg remains crispy until the very last bite thanks to the buns’ denseness. We should also let you know that even after having the entire burger and the sides, not even once did we feel jelat. Moreover, we felt like having another one.

We were and perhaps still are totally enchanted and impressed with the Croburg.
The burger can be perfect for sharing, or if you have a big appetite, then go for it. It’s definitely worth it. The two sides of curly fries which one can never go wrong with and mesclun salad which happens to be very well seasoned complement the burger very well. So, if you’re looking for value for money or just an extraordinary food experience, then the Croburg certainly offers that and much more. So, head on over and give this new limited time only Croburg a try. Comment down below and share your thoughts about this unique concoction with us. We’d love to know what you have to say.

Restaurant NameSpize’s The Croburg
Address131 Rifle Range Road,
Singapore 588406
Opening HoursDaily: 8.00am to 11.00pm
Promotion PricingAvailable Till 1 March 2020 Exclusively at Spize Temasek Club
The Croburg: $23.90