Jinjja!! Chicken – Not just some Korean Fried Chicken

Posted on 07 December 2015
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If you’re heading to the lively Bugis Street, don’t be daunted by the gripping colors of the eateries located just right along the main road, because you might just miss Jinjja!! Chicken.

Setting itself apart from regular Korean fried chicken fast food in Singapore, you can look forward to street foods replicas that will remind you of the time when you were in Korea – Jjajang Myeon (black soybean paste noodles), Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice), Seafood Jjamppong (spicy soup noodle) and Bingsu (shaved ice dessert).

Their signature chicken comes in wings/drummettes, half or a whole chicken generously coated with Soy Garlic or Yangnyeom (mildly spicy) sauces. You can choose to drizzle melted cheese over your chicken for an even more sublimely sinful treat.

Did we mention their amazing Tteokbokki Fries? Although with only 3 Korean rice cakes atop each serving of fries, but they’re more than enough to make an impression that’ll last for as long as it gets. Unlike other Korean rice cakes that tend to gravel (figuratively) at the bite, Jinjja!! Chicken’s rice cakes managed to withstand the strength of our teeth. According to the owner, these 3 rice cakes went through several trial-and-error processed to finally achieve its unique chewiness. That’s it: we’re officially waiting for their Tteokbokki to launch asap. Anyway, if you’re not a fan of Korean rice cake (total loss), you can choose from their SeaSalt Fries or Sesame Seaweed Fries too.

The flavorous broth of Seafood Jjamppong delivers a strange yet enticing taste that will hook your curiosity and consciously going for the seconds, even if it means putting the spiciness at the back of your mind. Topped with fresh cuttlefish and squid, and a handful of homemade noodles, this would do the trick for a small stomach during lunch. Just a reminder: Jjajang Myeon and Bibimbap might not be your thing if you’re a Korean street food connoisseur, but they are relatively good for somebody who appreciates the work behind it.

In case the flavors gets too overwhelming, guzzle their Sikhye Rice Drink but then it’d be a waste, since good things should be appreciated. Another drink on the menu is Singaporeans’ favorite – Yuzu Drink.

After a full meal, be grateful that they serve reasonably sized Bingsu – Patbingsu (sweet red bean and sticky rice cake) and Oreo Bingsu (the name says it all) – that are also good for takeaway.

Jinjja!! Chicken is currently obtaining Halal certification. Where To Eat will keep you updated as soon as we have news.

Jinjja!! Chicken
249 Victoria Street (Bugis Village)
Singapore 188032

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thur: 11am – 10pm
Fri to Sat: 11am – 11.30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jinjjachicken