Maison Ikkoku – Why You Should Try Solo Dining At Least Once

Posted on 29 May 2017
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When we mention “solo dining”, we can almost hear the gasps of shock traveling through these screens. But some people do it, even enjoy it, for various reasons. It might be the pleasant detachment from the hyperconnected world or the dedication of good food and drinks to their inner bon vivant.

Fact is, dining alone takes you lesser courage than expected. And a bar decidedly serves that purpose. Well, not just any bar, but a cubbyhole that (1) seats less people (lesser chance for a big crowd to overdramatize your solitude) (2) allows you to sit by the bar so you wouldn’t have to worry about holding up a table (3) serves fulfilling dinner and a full range of bespoke cocktails to sip through the night (4) has bartenders who will charm you off your feet.

Right above Maison Ikkoku Cafe is the award-winning Maison Ikkoku Bar that meets the abovementioned criterias. The Japanese/French fusion bar seats about 40 indoors and 10 to 15 at its outdoor patio.

Your hunger is cured by various culinary selections on the menu such as the newly added King Prawn Udon. By dining alone, you’ll realized that the sweet, hearty bisque-like broth is a laborious reduction of fresh king prawns and some other secret ingredients. You’ll also find that the lightly blanched flat Udon noodles are slightly al dente (though they may not look like it). You might also be able to tell that other than its saccharinity, the broth has an alikeness to creamy Tom Yum—with a tinge of lemongrass, spice and herbs.

Of course, that’s not all to their menu. Expect also Spam Fries Carbonara, M.I Lamb Slider, The Famous Bruschetta and Calamari with Wasabi Dips, just to name a few.

To end the monotonous days of eating just to fill your stomach when you’re alone, order a bespoke cocktail from the friendly bartenders. Ask and you shall receive; let them know your preferences and they’ll make a cocktail that will not disappoint. Or be adventurous (since you’re already having dinner alone) and ask them for a ‘surprise me!’ That’s what we did and oh boy, what a surprise.

Salted Fish – Homemade Jalapeno Vodka, celery salt, garlic salt, cherry tomatoes and secret ingredients

There’s no proper words to describe the astonishment Salted Fish brought upon us. You will probably raise two brows on its first sip, look at it inquisitively, then bring it back to your lips for a second. Their bespoke cocktails range from $24 onwards. Pricey, but it’s worth toasting.

And that’s it. Honest. No shenanigans. Maison Ikkoku Bar is tailor-made for solo diners. Eat and drink at your own pace, and don’t bother acting busy on your smartphone. Sometimes, it’s really just you who’ll realize you’re alone; just pull up a bar stool and thoroughly enjoy your King Prawn Udon & one-of-a-kind cocktail.

The King Prawn Udon will be available everyday from 6pm to 9pm at Maison Ikkoku Bar.

Restaurant NameMaison Ikkoku Bar
Contact No.+65 6294 0078
Address20 Kandahar Street L2
Singapore 198885
Opening HoursSun – Thurs: 6pm – 1am
Fri, Sat & Eve of P.H.: 6pm – 2am