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Posted on 02 June 2015
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Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore Promotion

We’re pretty sure you’ve had Indonesian food in Singapore. But with plenty of islands in Indonesia, it’s expected that certain culture varies from one place to another, not to mention their cuisines. Nonetheless, the family-run Pagi Sore has been perpetually serving Singaporeans home-style Indonesian cuisine with guarded family recipes since 1989, and now the four months old outlet located at Tagore Lane continues to offer a dazzling array of house specials to its patrons.

Emping Belinjo
Emping Belinjo

Flipping through the extensively varied menu, diners get to pick their own favourite no matter whether it’s spicy or sweet. If you’re having trouble with deciding on what to have, we recommend Emping Belinjo that comes free-flow after you order the first serving. Dip the keropok in the sharp and spicy belachan chilli with a squeeze of lime in it and enjoy!

Ikan Ota Kukus
Ikan Ota Kukus

A Pagi Sore original, Ikan Ota Kukus comes with a distinguished smell of ota. A full scaleless and skinless Leather Jacket (that’s the name of the fish) lies in a pool of ota-based gravy that is mixed with eggs to create a smooth and comforting texture.

Ayam Bali
Ayam Bali

The grilled to perfection Ayam Bali have definitely drawn a loyal following with its slightest sweet and spicy taste that comes from the sauce used to marinate and brushed on while char-grilling it. Pure satisfaction if you’re a meat-lover.

Tahu Telor
Tahu Telor

Tahu Telor, a delicate and crunchy mix of fried beancurd with egg is best eaten with the accompanying special spicy marination sauce. When poured over the tofu tower while hot, you can actually hear sizzles and crackles.

Tumis Kangkong Belachan
Tumis Kangkong Belachan

Stir fried with their unique belachan chilli, Tumis Kangkong Belachan looks more green than red but still packed with rushes of spiciness when you taste it.

Nasi Putih free flow

With dishes so appetising, it is hard not to have it with rice. But the rice at Pagi Sore is not totally the same as you get outside. Their Nasi Putih, also free flow when you order once, is wrapped in a fresh cut banana leaf and then steamed together for an alluring fragrance.

Fresh Lime Juice

Cleanse your palette after with their refreshing Fresh Lime Juice.

Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore

Rallying traditional, home-styled cuisines from the home of Riau Islands into one kitchen, this relaxed and carefree Pagi Sore outlet at Tagore Lane is probably your best bet for a sumptuous, hearty, and fuss-free friends or family dining experience.

Pagi Sore
88/90 Telok Ayer Street,
Far East Square,
Singapore 048470

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