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Posted on 12 October 2018
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Food is more than just looking Instagrammable! Purple Sage, a leading boutique caterer in Singapore since 2002, has amped up the catering scene with new and extraordinary all-sensory dishes – that sees the freshness of ingredients and delicate and finely crafted presentation – beyond traditional dining experiences!

Many consumers in Singapore are more conscious about the food that they eat. To meet their (especially millennials) needs, Purple Sage seeks to move its focus towards sustainability; by lending its support to local farmers, opting for non-GMO chicken and fresh fish from sustainable, local sources as well as coming up with new concepts such as the ‘farm to plate’ and ‘Secret Garden’ so as to stay ahead of the industry.

Chilli Crab Dome

They include The Secret Garden concept, a social space where guests can mingle around and share their thoughts on how the food is prepared, and crockery made of ‘opeh’ (leaves of Betel Nut Palm) to replace the usual disposable ware to reduce wastage seen in most buffets. Besides unique menus, Purple Sage offers live carving and cooking stations that has each chef positioned at every station with freshly prepared dishes, to retain the umami flavour.

Plus, the introduction of juicer bikes (cycling on bikes to blend juices) can help promote healthy living amongst guests during every event.

Smoked Eel Tortellini with Crustacean Bisque and Salmon Cauliflower (2016 IKA Olympic Appetizer)

At Purple Sage’s launch last week, we were presented with a range of exquisite dishes that include the fresh Pan-Seared Scallops with Chilli Crab Sauce, Chilli Crab Dome and award-winning dishes like the Homemade Smoked Eel Tortellini with Crustacean Bisque and Salmon Cauliflower (2016 IKA Olympic Appetizer), by the Purple Sage Culinary team. Fronted by Executive Chef, Teo Yeow Siang, a member of the internationally acclaimed Singapore National Culinary Team, we saw a flawless combination between creativity and the team’s finest skills, especially in the reinterpretation of local Seafood Glutinous Rice with XO Sauce, wrapped in a delicate Scallop Skin instead of the usual lotus leaf.

Whether it’s a special birthday event, or a corporate celebration, we look forward to see more of Purple Sage’s future creations. For more information, log on to https://www.purplesage.com.sg/ or call 6396 6990.

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