STYLE by STYLE VIBES Café – Why you need to visit it now

Posted on 13 May 2016
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If there’s any reason to visit the new Mediacorp campus, it’s this: celebrities. While not all might be earnest about seeing celebrities in action, the new possible star-studded venue comes with another reason of visitation: its wide open-spaced park that’s good to get away from the city’s bustle. And just right at the border of this public park, houses Style by Style Vibes Café that serves timely coffee and thoughtfully crafted food.

You may have heard about Mediacorp’s latest project, Style by Style, which ventures to explore on everything, well, stylish. And Vibes Café, happens to be the place where its team work at. We can see why they made it this way: the space is made up of wooden furnitures and its atmosphere light and airy. Also, it’s a space to showcase works of designers from local and beyond. Oh, did we mention press conferences are often held here too?

Their take on food is to keep the ingredients as simple as possible with lesser salt, sugar, oil, and they’re all cooked by oven. Steamed, grilled, baked, fried… All using only an oven. Additionally, vegetables are washed and dried by an imported machine, so they are promised fresh and definitely clean.

We have high reviews for their croissants: light with faintly flaky crust, but absolutely soft within. We tried the Croissant Sandwich with Egg Mayo, and even when the croissant is moistened with fillings in between, it didn’t fail the test of our tastebuds. Select from fillings such as tuna, mushroom and teriyaki chicken.

For something even more filling yet guilt-free, Foccacia Sandwich with Teriyaki Chix or Panini Sandwich with Tuna Mayo would probably be the right choice. Their breads are proofed and baked with particularity at the surprisingly tiny kitchen.

For a demure meal with less carbs, go for either the Grilled Chicken with Oregano or Roasted Chicken with BBQ Sauce, both at pocket-friendly price that will fill you up in no time.

Take comfort in knowing that they also offer fish dishes: Pan Fried Salmon with Hollandaise (expect brilliantly crispy skin) and Grilled Seabass with Creole Pineapple & Salsa if you prefer a more subtle, clean protein paired with quieter flavors. All main courses are served with a selection of baby potato or mashed potato and veggies.

When the name includes the word café, it almost means your menu can’t do without cakes, coffee and tea. Fortunately, they do. Even though their coffee are machined-prepared (important note to the coffee aesthete), they do offer a nice range of teas from TWG and The Clipper Company. Not to mention their assortments of cakes including the much-loved Ondeh Ondeh Layer Cake and Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake.

1 Stars Avenue
Level 3, MediaCorp Campus
Singapore 138507
Tel: 8868 2288

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 7am – 10pm
Sat: 9am to 10pm
Sun: 9am to 6pm