Fabulous Festive Cantonese Delights at Royal Pavilion

Posted on 13 February 2015
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Looking for a place to hold your lively CNY gathering and usher in the Year of the Goat? If you’re looking for fresh, delicious and lighter flavours, why not try the Cantonese Cuisine with Royal Pavilion’s new CNY menu?

To start off the meal, enter the Royal Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng, a bold & beautiful plated dish to usher in a prosperous year. We enjoyed the fresh tastes and textures of Canadian salmon slices, white radish, red yam amongst the other vegetables and condiments.

Overall, the combination gives a pleasing, light, and refreshing flavour, with nuanced sweet and sour notes that will open up your tastebuds for maximum enjoyment of the rest of the dishes Royal Pavillion has prepared. Serves 4-6 guests, or 6-8 guests depending on serving size.

Next, enjoy the Braised 4-Head South African Abalone in Superior Pumpkin Broth. The abalone sits atop a chewy, hand-made vegetarian bean curd (which explains the slight green colour), a bed of spinach, and a soup of savoury golden pumpkin broth.

The pumpkin broth is not the usual buttery, rich type you may find in Western cuisine, and we found that the lighter taste of this base matched perfectly with the rest of this pretty plated dish. There’s a stronger taste of chicken broth than pumpkin, but overall we liked this innovative culinary twist for this premium shellfish dish.

Next up, we have the Royal Fried Lamb Shank. If you are familiar with Chinese cuisine, the presentation of the lamb will perhaps cause you to do a double take. Served with traditional handcrafted rice crepes, called MoMo Skin in Royal Pavilion, sliced cucumbers, sliced bell peppers, sweet dark sauce and sliced spring onions, wrapping the shredded duck with vegetables in a roll will remind you of eating Peking Duck.

You may prefer to it eat it on its own, or with the flavourful sweet sauce. Try the ‘Lao Gan Die’ dipping sauce too, which is a spicy like, dried scallops, XO oyster like sauce that is a favourite among guests. Serves up to 4 guests.

And now…introducing the undeniable star of the night, the Royal Smoked Duck!

Highly raved about by food critics and fans, this smoked duck dish is a signature dish of Royal Pavilion, and is truly something to shout about. Smoked with lychee wood, and after a long, painstaking process of cooking, the result is glossy, hearty, crispy skin and amazing, tender duck meat. If you like, you could dip the duck meat into the accompanying sweet plum sauce, but honestly, this dish can very well stand its own. A highlight you do not want to miss!

Following that, we had the Wok-fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat as one of the main course. Enjoy the fragrance of the wok-fried rice with delicious slivers of glossy, sweet waxed meat (lup cheong) and shredded egg. A satisfying, flavourful dish with texture and crunch.

For dessert, don’t miss the Deep Fried Three-Layer Glutinous Rice Cake (Nian Gao). This sweet and savoury tri-coloured dessert is an absolute delight. Made of sweet potato, pumpkin, yam and golden fried Nian Gao, enjoy the slightly sticky texture with every bite. A fine way to end the feasting for the day. Serves up to 10 – 12 guests.

We really liked Royal Pavilion’s CNY menu. The ingredients used were fresh, the flavours delicious and the visuals attractive. A big plus is who refreshing and light that flavours were- we found the combination of flavours very harmonious and satisfying, and not cloying at all. A nice ambience, friendly service and the delicious smoked duck will be sure to delight your guests.

Most of the dishes require a 1 day order in advance, so do remember to make your reservation early.

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