Peony Jade ‘8 Rhapsodies of Spring’ – Eat Your Way to Prosperity

Posted on 23 January 2015
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Are you looking for a place to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a good feast? With a warm ambience and delicious dishes, Peony Jade at Keppel Club is good place to host your family, social or business gatherings. With auspicious and symbolic ingredients in each dish, you can eat your way to prosperity and good fortune! Introducing the new festive menu, ‘Eight Rhapsodies of Spring’, an exciting showcase of exquisite dishes for all to enjoy.

First up, don’t you think that no Chinese New Year feast would be complete without the Prosperity Toss (Lao Yu Sheng)? Usher in good fortune and longevity with the “Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Bonsai-Shaped Monies Tree Yu Sheng. Served with premium fresh seafood such as lobster, Alaskan crab claws, tuna belly, Atlantic salmon, sweet shrimp, and urchin, everybody will be in for a good treat! We also enjoyed the unique sauces- the tangy yuzu juice and even a sprinkle of truffle oil. Paired with the deep-fried thin lotus root chips and vermicelli, this dish is perfect for a lively gathering during the festive season.

A collective ‘ aaawwww’ across the table as this dish arrived, and everyone whipped out their phones to snap a picture. These hand-crafted goat shaped dim sum dumplings (Hum-Soi-Kuok) are not only super adorable, but are also delightfully delicious! The outer layer is fried, with a crispy, chewy mochi-like texture. Following that, bite into sticky glutinous rice with savoury minced pork and shitake mushrooms inside- yum! This sweet treat platter will definitely leave you in a good mood. What a great way to welcome the new year with a cheerful, exuberant dish like this!

Peony Jade also demonstrates its flair for reinventing traditional dishes with modern takes with the ‘Flourishing Fortune’ Steamed Black-eyed Pea Cake with golden pumpkin. A Cantonese favourite, the traditional carrot/taro cake is given an update with sweet golden pumpkin, welcome additions of golden pumpkin, mushroom and savoury jin hua ham. Serves up to 15 guests.

(For sampling purposes, the round ‘Flourishing Fortune’ Steamed Black-eyed Pea Cake with golden pumpkin is already cut for easy enjoyment by us guests. )

Enter the scene with the Roast Geese, sealed in ‘Fa Cai’ broth, made of traditional Chinese herbs and spices like Angelica root and star anise. The first of its kind in Singapore, the grain-fed geese is roasted for up to 2 hours to succulent perfection. We enjoyed the crispy skin of this dish, meant to usher in prosperity and longevity. This roasted poultry dish looks impressively big and serves up to 12 guests.

Traditional Poon Choi originated from more than 900 years ago, where Chinese layered and stacked ingredients in a wooden basin cooked over pits of fire. Today, while most Poon Choi boast about 13-14 ingredients, Peony Jade offers a stunning 18 Premium Ingredient version, including whole 10-head Australian abalones, golden oysters, whole pork knuckles, South African spikes sea cucumbers, king prawns, sea-grouper mousse cakes, whole Sakura Chicken, among other auspicious sounding top drawer ingredients! The flavours all blended remarkably well in this Poon Choi pot, and all of us really enjoyed it. We recommend this for reunion dinners for that extra touch of sharing food from the same pot. Serves 6 or 8-10 guests, depending on the Premium Pot Package you choose.

One of the highlights of this year’s menu would also be the Slow Fire Stewed Lamb with Bamboo Shoots. Wok-braised with herbs, bamboo shoots, smooth beancurd skins and mushrooms for 1.5 hours, the resulting dish is fragrant and luxurious in taste. We enjoyed the heart silky lamb stew, as the lamb meat melts in your mouth – it was that tender! This unique dish would melt the hearts of lamb lovers with its rich, intense flavours and delightful textures. Serves up to 6-8 guests.

We also had a Reunion claypot rice dish- with top-grade preserved
meats like Chinese sausages, liver sausages and homemade wind-dry duck drumstick. Slow-cooked over fire in a claypot for more than 30 minutes, bite into delicious sweet salty waxed meats with fragrant smoky jasmine rice. Serves up to 6 guests.

For dessert, Peony Jade trots out the “Huat Ah!” Prosperity Goats, a sweet and savoury snowskin pastry creation with salty egg custard to end off the feasting with a sweet note. Don’t miss this special seasonal creation in the Golden Year of the Goat!

Next, the “Triumphant Harvest and Joyous Contentment” is also something to shout about. A healthier CNY sweets option, the artisan peony shaped floral pastries are filled with premium low sugar white lotus paste with Salted Egg Yolk & Macadamia Nuts. Enjoy these pastry flowers in full bloom- with sweet flavours to savour with loved ones.

“Overflowing Wealth” Glazed Kumquat with “Fa-Cai” Vanilla Beans

Even the kumquats are given a delightful culinary twist. Glazed and infused with vanilla pods, these golden citrus treats are sweet and refreshing. Available in jars, this is a good idea if you’re thinking of bringing a CNY gift to festive gatherings, or simply to enjoy with friends and loved ones. Warning: these are so yummy you might not feel like sharing.

Peony Jade also offers an array of CNY favourites, including the Golden Suckling Piglet and delicious claypot dishes.

Note: Due to the preparation time involved, most of the dishes featured in this article need a 1 day advance order, and are only available for dine-in. Book now to avoid disappointment in the busy festive season! Look forward to celebrating the Lunar New Year with lively, scrumptious feasting and great company! We wish all readers a joyous Lunar New Year!

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