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Last weekend, my companions and I had the pleasure of visiting the newly-opened Batterworks for their mini desserts and pastries. Tucked away among a row of quaint shophouses, we quickly spotted the bakery and was greeted by its interesting shopfront, brightly lit interior and warm friendly service staffs.

Batterworks offers a unique take on cakey slabs, handcrafting a fine selection of sweet and savoury desserts and pastries that are easy to pick with your hands, and place in your mouth. Some may wonder, like I have, who the Master Baker behind these mini creations is. We found out that she is none other than a passionate lady with close to tens years of culinary experience. However, she very modestly preferred to remain anonymous.

We partook in Batterworks’ delicious selection of bite-sized desserts, starting off with a piece of Cotton Light Cheesecake ($2.90/pc). The combination of lightly aerated sponge and cheese tasted just right, and would pair well with a warm cup of milky latte – which we had, from Nylon Coffee Roasters located just beside Batterworks.

While I consider myself an equal opportunity brownie lover, the Chocolate Fudgy Brownie ($3.80/pc) had stolen not just mine, but our hearts and taste buds. Fluffy and moist at every bite, we truly recommend that you have a go at this chocolatey piece of delicacy.

Cotton Light Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudgy Brownie

Other great choices include the Oreo Cheese Tartlets ($1.20/pc) and Blueberry Cheese Tartlets ($1.20/pc) – anything goes with oreo or blueberry, really. We liked how the rich Oreo chocolate flavour blends in smoothly with the creamy texture, while the Blueberry Cheese Tartlets creates a burst of tantalizing flavours that was light and bright. The sweet and crunchy Apple Crumble Tarts ($0.95/pc) were clearly the apple of their patrons’ eyes as they were quickly wiped out and replenished to serve more. Lightly dusted with sugar to finish, the Apple Crumble Tarts will make a truly sparkling addition to Christmas and birthday parties.

Apple Crumble Tarts

Blueberry Cheese Tartlets

If you have a sweet tooth, try their snow covered – with cream cheese frosting – Maple Carrot Cupcake ($1.80/pc). Moist and rich in spices and flavours, this dessert can be served both chilled and warm, but definitely better warm. For something more perky, we reckon you have their Fruit Tart ($0.85/pc) complete with chunky fresh fruit slices. The serving was generous despite its miniature size, and the aftertaste was simply refreshing. Just to note, the Fruit Tarts are not always available, so you are advised to order them in advance to avoid disappointment.

Another must try is the Roasted Pork Flaky Pastry ($0.95/pc), or Char Siew Bao, which layer of mincemeat was tasty and tender. Encased in crispy golden puff pastry, and looking very yummy, this traditional delicacy may just steal the limelight of any party spread. Because it was so good, I made an additional purchase of a box of 6 to take home for my family, and they too were impressed with the taste.

Maple Carrot Cupcake

Fruit Tart

Roasted Pork Flaky Pastry

Apart from the eight staple selections of desserts and pastries, Batterworks also offers freshly made Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($2.50) for the caprices of appetites.

Of course, should you plan to have some Batterworks at your gathering to impress your family and friends, we strongly advise that you make your orders by phone or online in advance as these food are specially handcrafted and baked fresh everyday. For more information, visit Batterworks’ website at

Fruit Tart (Box of 12)

Blk 4 Everton Park #01-42
Singapore 080004
T: 6438 2208
Opening hours: 8.30am – 6pm (Mon – Fri)
9am – 3pm (Sat)
Closed on Sun

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    I would like to order the fruit tart. Do your do delivery?

    I need it by next wednesday so hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

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