Where To Eat At Bukit Panjang – Da Bomb Black Pepper Chilli Crab at Wealth Kitchen

Drive along Upper Bukit Timah Road and you might very well miss a sharp left turn if not for careful eyes, display banners, and a quick reaction. Located within Bukit Panjang Khek Community Guild, a faded lime green building that stands out amongst the others, Wealth Kitchen is a Chinese Restaurant that serves up to 2 types menus: Hong Kong Dim Sum and a la carte Chinese dishes.

Lunch time calls for hungry stomachs, so we headed down for lunch and tried out 5 of its a-la-carte Chinese dishes.

Black Pepper Crab

Black Pepper Crab (黑椒螃蚧) [Promotional Price: $28.80, Original Price: $58]

A steal at just $28.80, the current promotion for the Black Pepper Crab is a definite value for money. The Sri Lankan crabs are fresh and the meat is sweet and plentiful. However, if you are not a fan of peppery food, its black pepper sauce might be a little hard for you to take. Otherwise, we really loved this dish (perhaps a little more than Chilli Crab), especially its freshness and sweetness! Note: Wealth Kitchen’s Crab Promotion ends 30 Nov.

Wealth Kitchen’s Signature Chicken

Wealth Kitchen’s Signature Chicken (金海招牌鸡)

Do not be fooled by its unkempt appearance, Wealth Kitchen’s Signature Chicken is extremely tender and especially yummy, when paired with the ginger garlic paste. Yes, we are not sure if you can ask for extra paste, but it definitely wasn’t enough to cover all of the meat! On the other hand, the chilli sauce tasted just like any other bottled sauce.

Crispy Herbal Duck

Crispy Herbal Duck (香酥鸭) [$26/Half, $$50/Whole]

The visualisation of Crispy Herbal Duck was a crisp duck with scattered over with herbal-ish gravy. When presented with the dish, the meat looked a lot tougher than it was and there wasn’t any gravy. Surprisingly, the meat was extremely tender and the crisp-looking skin had a “braised” texture instead. Unfortunately, it was too salty for our liking and did not have any herbal taste. It might taste better when paired with a bowl of plain rice, but not a must-eat dish in Wealth Kitchen.

Sambal Clams

Sambal Clams (甘香啦啦) [$10]

The Sambal Clams is the best dish thus so far and the sambal chilli is simply to die for. The clams are fresh and tasty. Try coating a plain simple lettuce with its sambal chilli sauce and it taste as good. That’s how good it is. It’s no wonder why customers do not want their sambal clam plate to be cleared, despite finishing the clams (according to the owner). We will definitely be sold if they had bottles of its sambal chilli for sale!

Golden Yam Ring

Golden Yam Ring (佛钵飘香) [$18]

Purely home-made, the deep fried Golden Yam Ring has a nice crunch to it. The yam ring is extremely rich and creamy, filled with vegetables and prawns.

It’s no doubt you can get a wealth of Chinese dishes at Wealth Kitchen but we would love to try out its Hong Kong Dim Sum the next time! Tip: Keep a lookout for a Marina Bay Sands look-alike building (The Linear) on your right and be prepared to make a left turn into a small road. Wealth Kitchen is also a 5 minute walk away from Bukit Panjang MRT (DT1).

Wealth Kitchen
Bukit Panjang Khek Community Guild
921 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678202
Tel: 6769 0062

Opening Hours (Open Daily)
Hong Kong Dim Sum 9AM – 3PM
A La Carte Chinese Dishes 11AM – 3PM, 5PM – 10PM
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