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Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh – Second Chance At Best

Formerly located at Jalan Kayu, Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh has since relocated at Simpang Bedok in April 2013, and opened a new outlet at 548 MacPherson in April 2014. Don’t confuse the relocated and new outlets with the one at Jalan Kayu though, as they do not operate under the same company – or […]

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Park Palace @ Grand Park City Hall – Feasts of Fortune

Park Palace Chinese New Year Menu 2014 Earlier last week, we had the finest Chinese New Year celebration like no other at Grand Park City Hall. The hotel is prized for its fashionable accomodations and delectable cusines, so it was no surprise we would be greeted with luxurious feasts of fortune. Park Palace’s cherry blossoms […]

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Cafe De Hong Kong – HK Style Chinese New Year Delights

Cafe De Hong Kong Chinese New Year Menu 2014 WhereToEat Singapore Chinese New Year reunion dinner with fans at Cafe De Hong Kong was a success! We couldn’t thank our fans, notable guests and Francis, owner of Cafe De Hong Kong, enough for their friendliness and shared interest. From the moment we stepped into the […]

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Peony Jade @ Keppel Bay – The 8 Beauties of the Blossoming Spring

Peony Jade Chinese New Year Menu 2014 This Chinese New Year, you might want to opt for a flamboyant reunion dinner with Peony Jade – The 8 Beauties of the Blossoming Spring. We were invited to taste the Chinese New Year menu that features unpretentious and innovatively prepared dishes. Such as the carefully arranged “Instant […]

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Peony Jade @ Keppel Bay – Classic Cantonese Hairy Crab

Nothing on the dining table signifies fall better than rare, highly sought after and fresh palm-sized hairy crabs from Yang Cheng Lake in the Jiangsu province of China. Just the thought of zesty white crab meat with creamy golden roe is enough to make me salivate! Baked with sea salt to enhance the natural flavours […]

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Szechuan Court & Kitchen – Hairy Crab Sensation

The much anticipated hairy crab season is finally here! Sourced from the third largest freshwater lake in China, Lake Tai, the freshwater hairy crab is sought after for its succulent sweet meat and highly coveted crab roe. Served in different ways, true connoisseurs will contend that the best way to enjoy these hairy crabs is […]

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Earthly Treasures – Organic Black Garlic

Raw garlic? Eww! Black garlic? Yay! No, really! Black garlic is the new black. Let us convince you why. Imagine garlic without all the annoying stuffs. No bad breath. No pungent odour. Just a jelly-like compound of caramelly sweetness and savoury mild garlic undertones. Even better, black garlic is loaded with nearly ten times as […]

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New Green Pasture Cafe

There are more than sixty vegan dishes to choose from the New Green Pasture Cafe, with all of them having different origins and distinctive tastes. We really loved the Charcoal Noodle ($10) and reckon you try it too for its fresh and colourful combination of crunchy vegetables, passionfruit, rice crackers and special handmade creamy sauce, […]

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World Peace Cafe

Try the Canneloni ($6.50) which is a combination of carrots, onions and lettuce wrapped in thin crepe. Heated with mozzarella cheese on top to serve, the dish was warm, light and crunchy. Those who prefer something heavier for lunch, try the Aglio Olio ($6.50) with sauteed mushrooms filled with natural flavours from finely chopped cilantro […]

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Sunny Choice

For South Eastern Chinese food, try the Hakka Abacus Seeds ($6), made with tapioca (30%) and yam (70%) flour, cooked in olive oil with sea salt. The abacus seeds were so soft and moist, and worked very well in terms of texture with the finely cut vegetable ingredients like mushrooms, carrots and tofu. We thoroughly […]

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